The notorious freshman fifteen is real. When you are in school you get distracted with school work, you forget to exercise, and you have access to a lot of non-healthy foods. However, this does not mean that this new fifteen pounds you have gained must stay on your body; and, the summer is the perfect time to lose those pounds. Losing weight does not have to be some huge chore, or even too difficult to do so. There are ways, especially in the summer that can help you lose weight while also enjoying yourself.

Work Out With Your Friends

I always find that when I work out by myself, I have no willpower, nobody pushing me, and my workouts are usually cut extremely short if they even happen at all. However, when I workout with a buddy or two, I work out to my fullest, and we all push each other to do better. Working out with a someone else this summer is also a good excuse to bond with friends from home that you no longer see while away at college.


When you’re hanging out with your friends this summer, you should always vote for the more active plan. Instead of hanging out at someone’s house, go hiking. Instead of going to a movie, go to sky zone. Activities like these are all still fun, but now you can also burn a good amount of calories while “hanging out.”


Swimming is another one of these activities, but I believe it deserves its own heading. Swimming is a very effective cardio exercise, and is truly perfect for summer. Even treading water for ten minutes, or swimming four laps in a pool can be a very good exercise. The beauty of swimming is that you won’t even get hot, and you’re already in water, so there is no need to cool off.

Drink Water

The basic idea of losing weight is to simply consume fewer calories then the amount that you burn.  Until recently, I did not realize just how many calories I was taking in from just drinks. A glass of milk is 200 calories, a soda has around 100 calories, and a 12 oz. beer has around 140calories; so, when you have six beers, that adds up to a lot of calories. The solution to this is to drink more of that amazing zero calorie water.

Overall, don’t be afraid to start “working out.” Just make your exercise casual and have fun, keep a small eye on what you are eating and drinking, and before you know it, that freshman fifteen will have disappeared.