Hey all,

For the next few posts I’ll be looking at a few of the most popular cities for college and post-college living- cities like Boston, New York, L.A. and Chicago- to help give anyone in college a good examination of the city they might be living in now or what city they might like to visit or move to later. These aren’t rigid but are more to help as a cheat sheet for anyone interested.

Without further to do…

Washington D.C.


Pros: Washington D.C. can lay a strong claim to any young adult or college student. Besides being an active city, D.C. lays claim to a few special advantageous. One is that compared to other Eastern or Northern cities like Boston, New York, or Chicago, D.C. weather is often quite mild, with acceptable winters and fine summers ensuring you’re not miserable for months at a time. This middle ground is underscored by it’s location: it’s close enough to the North to reach Boston, New York, and the upper East coast while still being near enough to D.C. or more southern and middle states than Boston or New York could reach. This gives D.C. the ability of being a great compromise city, but there’s at least one category it leads in. D.C. is the political capital of America meaning jobs and intrigue surround the area in this rich and interesting field, and, equally important, the sort of interesting and charged people who’d like that sort of thing. Besides, young politically active and passionate people are fun to be around, and, from my very limited experience, are quite attractive. Good looking, interesting, and pleasant: D.C. has quite a lot going for it.


Cons: The cons of D.C. are a lot shorter than the many interesting pros, but are still worth hearing. As with many cities, traffic and expense are issues, as is a crime and murder rate (whoops) which keeps D.C. strongly with the “big boys” of Chicago and New York as a city that requires street smarts. Lastly, the biggest drawback of D.C. is that it’s pro list isn’t as dramatic as other cities. New York is the most exciting city in America, and in running for the world while Chicago competes adding more sanity, while all of California offers a beautiful, gorgeous winterless paradise with legal weed. All these other places have more overwhelming pros than D.C. even if their cons list is shorter.

Overall: D.C. is a steady option of a city for anyone, although compared to New York, Chicago, or L.A , nothing quite stands out as a unique advantage. It’s a temperate fantastic middle-ground with an amazing political focus. If that interests you as a career or as a background to whatever life you want to be living, pack your bags.