Adobe Photoshop is slowly becoming a fairly well known program across the globe, and it is an incredibly useful program to know how to use. With the infinite  amount of uses that photoshop has, it is very hard to become a master at using the program. However, some people are better than others, and there are some very important do’s and don’ts that novice “photoshoppers” should understand.


Practice. “Practice makes perfect.” Right?  But, for real, practice is important in Photoshop. One can not open the program for the first time and simply know how to do anything they would like. So, practice a lot if you want to get good, and be able to make cool Photoshoped images that will make your friends proud of you.

Use Photoshop to edit photos. Photoshop was originally meant for simple(ish) photo editing or “touching up”, and can still accomplish that task very well. You should use Photoshop to adjust the levels or color in an image, and do simple manipulations like taking out pimples, or shadows, etc.

Use tutorials. Thousands and thousands of Photoshop tutorials exist on the internet, and most of them are pretty good. Tutorials are very useful because not only do they teach you the skill as advertised, but you will probably learn a couple new skills on the way.


Use to create. Photoshop, as its name suggests is a photo editing program, and not really supposed to be used for creating original images. Adobe has other programs meant for creating, and while it doesn’t matter too much if you want to create a QUICK flyer, you never want to create a logo or something important in Photoshop. The reason for this is because you want the logo to be a vector graphic meaning the logo will have the same quality no matter how large or small it is. Adobe’s vector creator is called Adobe Illustrator.

Use comic sans. Comic sans is a widely known font popular among moms and people who have lost their cat, and is the most hated font in the entire world. If you’re making something in Photoshop, it needs type, and you don’t want to be made fun of, never use comic sans.

Use Photoshop like it’s MS paint. Microsoft paint is the drawing program that every PC has came with since like windows ’95, and is fun when you are nine years old. However, you do not want to take the skill set you learned from paint and bring it into Photoshop. I had a friend with an album on Facebook called “Photoshop graphic imaging” or something, and  the album consisted of badly cropped out heads on famous people, and changing the color of basketball players’ jerseys using the bucket tool. He was using Photoshop just like paint (or he was using paint, and claiming it was Photoshop) but, Photoshop is so much more than that. So, forget all you knew about MS Paint and learn Photoshop from scratch.


Most importantly, the biggest “do” is to just practice, and use photoshop a lot. In doing this, you will figure out your own dos and do nots, and learn a very valuable skill.