I do a lot of volume changing on my cell phone during certain times of the day, and when I am in certain locations. For example, I usually have my phone on silent during the night, and on medium volume during the day. However, if I am at school then I will change my volume setting to vibrate. Instead of having to keep changing my volume settings, risking forgetting, and then having my phone go off accidentally in class, or wake me up at night, I have installed the app Llama on my cell phone.

The Android app Llama allows you to preset your phone’s settings based off of time, and location.  First of all, you can set the Llama application to adjust certain settings based on what time it is. Using the app I set my phone to be on silent from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and then back to medium volume during the day.  However, the main aspect of this application is its ability to change your phone’s settings based off location. The way the app knows where you are located is by recognizing phone masts, or “cell phone towers.” The significance of this is that the app is not using your phone’s GPS which would take up much more battery life. However, the unfortunate aspect of this, is that if you are using the same phone tower for your work and home, then the app will not work as you would like it to. The solution to this would be using the GPS to detect your location, but again, that will kill your phone’s battery quickly.

The Llama app can also change more than the volume settings on your phone. The app allows the user to be very customizable, and can be as simple or as complicated as you would like.  The crazy customization opportunities of the app, come in play when deciding what other settings to change when in different locations.  Some other setting one might want to be activated upon location change would be to perhaps have your WiFi turn on when you get home, and then have your mobile network turn on at work or school. This app has many ways to make one’s phone using experience better, is designed well, and is easy to use. However, perhaps the most amazing part of Llama is the fact that it is free.  You can check out the app here in the Google Play Store.