Hey all,

For the next few posts I’ll be looking at a few of the most popular cities for college and post-college living- cities like Boston, New York, L.A. and Chicago- to help give anyone in college a good examination of the city they might be living in now or what city they might like to visit or move to later. These aren’t rigid but are more to help as a cheat sheet for anyone interested.

Without further to do…


San Francisco Pros: San Francisco is one of the coolest cities you’re going to find. Bar none, San Francisco has the best LGBT scene in America and can equal New York City in the cool creative and intellectual scene without the level of New York City drawbacks. San Francisco is also on the West coast meaning it has all the great weather perks that Eastern cities that New York, Boston, and even Chicago lack while retaining the sort of intellectual greatness that seems lacking in other Western hotspots like L.A. The Bay similarly has it’s own deeply rich musical scene (including, but in no way limited to getting Hyphy  and Lil B, the Based God, praised be his name) and the sort of absurdly cool and specialized lifestyle that’ll have you wondering why you lived anywhere else.


San Francisco Cons: While San Francisco’s upsides can equal those of New York with less drawbacks, San Francisco lacks variety compared to larger cities like Chicago and New York. While both those cities have the classic rougher and blue-collar areas and outlooks you can find and live with, San Francisco is more or less it’s own enclave of cool radical left living. You can find a fourteen dollar salad before a cheap trashy hamburger more often than not and the intellectual and political arms-race can get frustrating. Playing neutral isn’t an option in the bay, and furthermore those hills? Oy. Walking up them can be a real drag.


Overall: If you know what you want, and if what you want is or can easily co-exist with hipster concerns than San Francisco might very well be for you. With good weather, brilliant, interesting and eclectic people and places, San Francisco has as much action of a specific type as any city in America even if there is less variety than in a larger city. San Francisco is also better for young professionals than college students like Boston is, so it may be a better choice for recently graduated or older (or more adventurous college students) to explore. Overall, like Washington D.C., San Francisco is a fantastic city with lots of exciting things for lots of people: however, those who would choose it over another city such as New York or Chicago should make sure they line up with San Francisco’s central themes before moving there: LGBT actions and activities, marijuana enthusiasm and partying in hip bars and cafes. It’s a great place, though a more specialized one than other cities.