Making money online is almost always easier said than done. However, if you’re willing to work for it, there are a couple of ways that can generate some spending money while simply sitting in front of a computer.

Google AdSense

If you have your own website such as a blog, a website for your band, or just a website you made for fun, a great way to make money is by putting ads on that website. Google AdSense is the most popular program to provide relevant ads to your website. You make money (anywhere from two to ten cents) when people click on these ads from your website. If your website has a mediocre amount of traffic, this could be an alright way to make a little extra cash every month. However, be aware that Google will ban you from Google AdSense if they suspect the “clicking” on these ads is not genuine. So, do not click on the ads on your site yourself 250 times an hour.

Buying and Selling Domain Names

Domain names (the name of a website), can be purchased by anyone. A popular way to make money, is by buying a whole bunch of domain names people might want to buy further down the road.  For example, while nobody owns the site or right now, somebody may want to buy those in the future. If you own those websites, and then someone else really needs that site, then you could perhaps sell it to them for hundreds of dollars profit based on the desirability of that particular site. You can buy domains on sites like GoDaddy, and sell them on sites like Sedo.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon mechanical turk is a SLOW way of making money hosted by Amazon (so, we know it’s safe) by completing “human intelligent tasks” online.  Examples of these tasks on the mechanical turk website include: categorize the tone of this article, find the item number for the product in this image, and select the correct spelling for these search terms. You get paid a very minimal amount of money for each task, that I suppose after a lot of tasks could add up to an okay amount of money.


The simplest, quickest, most popular, and the highest profitable way of making money online, would be to sell your possessions on sites like craigslist or ebay.   You could easily make a couple hundred dollars by getting rid of some of your stuff that you never use any more. For example, you can stop holding on to that iPod video, your old laptop, and other items you no longer need, but that still hold some worth.


Know of any other ways to make money online? Let us know in the comments!