Note: all drinking games are for those 21+ years of age, to be pursued responsibly, and away from heavy machinery. With that said, let’s continue.

1: Ice Assassins

You may remember “icing.”

For the unfamiliar or for those who’ve taken to blocking out the memory, “icing” is the act of presenting a Smirnoff Ice drink to a friend who, upon receiving it, is obligated to chug it on one knee at the moment of presenting it.  You cannot refuse it.

The game’s absurd, immature, irresponsible, and quite plainly stupid. It’s also severely outdated, making it ready for an updated comeback.

As an outstanding member of the legal-drinking age, my 21+ friends and myself have developed a form of the game we encourage you other 21+ readers to incorporate responsibly.

The rules are much like the regular game off assassins: you draw a random name out and have your name drawn by a random person. Besides that, it’s drinking hunger-games: iced or be iced.


2: Friend-Trait Bingo

Everyone has a bingo-card of their friends and their assorted traits at your next small gathering or house party. You have to drink every time a person does their assigned trait…which they don’t know what it is. Any time your one friend texts their girlfriend? Drink. When one of your friends explains, man, when he was abroad in India…drink. My trait, when we played, unbeknownst to me, was people drank when I said “swag.” My friends drank quite a bit that evening, I’m sorry to admit. If you actually manage to make cards and print them (we never got this far) whoever gets bingo first gets to make everyone else drink.


3: Cocktail Wars

Iron-chef your next house party. Create a bar of a few liquors and mixers, perhaps with a key ingredient or not. The catch? You’re not allowed to mix your own drink. While you can refuse drinks, you can’t order a specific one, putting your drinking fate in the hands of your friends. I personally recommend as many special things as possible: instead of  whiskey, choose honey whiskey. Include maple syrup in the bar. Have watermelon nearby, why not. Whoever makes the best drinks gets bragging rights and everyone gets to both try new things and force people to try their new things. Everyone wins, except for the guy who tried to mix rum and vodka. Come on, Jacob. Step your game up.