For many people, going to a summer music festival is a dream. You hear about the few friends whose cool parents let them go to Lollapalooza or The Bamboozle while in high school, but if you’re anything like most college students, the biggest summer music festival you went to was Warped Tour. And nothing against A Day to Remember or Rise Against, but there’s so many more Phish in the musical sea. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

This summer, I made the financial investment (and it certainly was an investment) to attend the Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival from June 7-10 in Manchester, Tennessee with some fraternity brothers and an awesome group of friends – some of whom I’d met, and some of whom I made first contact with when we arrived at the campsite.

Here’s a quick disclaimer: music festivals aren’t for anyone. But you’d be surprised how many people are there for their first time, and how easy it is to blend in – even at a place like Bonnaroo that is certainly a bit of a departure from your nine-to-five reality. In the next few days,

I’ll be elaborating some tips on how to make a music festival experience the best possible – talking about what happens at festivals (without giving too much away), certain substances you might encounter and how you should deal with them, how you can prepare before the festival, and how can you adjust back to everyday normal life afterwards.

Check back in the near future to see how you can best survive festival life with the Summer Festival Series!

[Image courtesy of Flickr user  Jason Anfisen. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.]