Whether it be taking an online class, working online, or just simply sending an important email, the internet has become an essential part to a lot of people’s daily lives.  However, when people leave their home, or school, and get out of their internet comfort zone they may have a harder time getting connected than they are typically used to. For example, if you’re at a relative’s house in the middle of nowhere, at a hotel that makes you pay for internet, or out camping in the woods, you may think connecting to the internet would be impossible. However,  in times of trouble there is usually always an answer to get yourself back on the web.

Unsecured WiFi

To get on the internet quickly, you want to first check if there is an unsecured wireless network in range where you are staying. If there is, you can simply start using that person’s WiFi, and you’re already back on the internet.

WiFi Hotspot

If you do not have internet access, and there is no unsecured WiFi in range, then the next thing you want to check is the mobile network on your cell phone. If your mobile network is strong enough, you can either just get on the internet with your phone, or set up a WiFi hotspot on your phone (most android phones, and the iPhone 4 can do this) and then connect to the web with your computer.

McDonalds / Starbucks

If you are really stuck in a no internet zone, then you can go to local places that offer free WiFi. All McDonalds restaurants and Starbucks offer free WiFi, that you could access inside, or simply outside and in your car. Although, if you go inside, it is courteous to get a small coffee, or something, so you are not just using the business’s WiFi and facilities without even buying anything.

The Library

Libraries offer free internet, but more importantly they offer computers to use that internet. Nowadays, you will most likely be able to find an internet connection before having to go to the library. However, the library becomes handy if you are on a trip without your computer, and you forget you need to get online, you can just head over to the local library and use their computer for free. Another place you can use the internet, AND a computer is at an Apple store, or a BestBuy, Frys, etc.


So, next time you think that you are out of luck, and out of internet, keep in mind of these tips, and stay connected!