So as you know, I’m writing the Summer Festival Series and one of my favorite groups I saw there was Ben Folds Five. Yep, you read that correctly – not Ben Folds, but Ben Folds Five: back in action after a long hiatus.

And with that, I’d like to launch a new partnership with HackCollege and StereoIQ/RapGenius. If you’ve never visited these guys, you’re missing out. RapGenius is a site that aggregates song lyrics – boring, right? Wrong. Not only do they aggregate song lyrics, they explain the references. And frankly, it’s made me appreciate rap a lot more – because it’s not just random words. And since music is more than just hip-hop, StereoIQ is the brand underneath RapGenius that focuses on some of the beats that might rock the block that aren’t hip hop.

The first track we’ll be featuring is the StereoIQ interpretation of the new Ben Folds Five single: Do It Anyway. The song is unique: it came out of a random improvisation Ben did at a concert when a fan screamed “Do it anyway!” after Ben said he couldn’t or didn’t want to play a specific song.

The StereoIQ analysis gave me that tidbit of information, but there’s more in the interpretation, so I won’t spoil it. But it’s a “do it anyway” that many collegians have made, and usually, it ends up blowing up in their face (as it should).

Check out the StereoIQ analysis of the hot new BFF track below.

[StereoIQ. Image courtesy of Rapgenius, licensed under fair use.]