In college, money is a scarce commodity. Used for everything from getting food, alcohol, and, occasionally, text-books, money is something you want to hold on to. But sometimes it can confuse us: you have to spend money to make money, but a penny saved is a penny earned. What’s a guy to do? Well, with A few quick do’s and don’ts for every situation this should help you keep the most money for your life without sacrificing life quality.


Don’t: Skimp on essentials.

If you think you can save four dollars on some suspicious off-brand condoms, think again. Is that a field you want to skimp on safety or comfort for? Similarly if you can buy a “Macc” laptop for fifty bucks less, forget it. Anything weirdly budget can be really cheap for a reason: in a small field it might be worth the risk, but otherwise, steer clear away.


Do: Downgrade things you won’t notice.

If you’re not buying your books used, you’re making a crazy mistake. But I assume you are so extend that logic further. Are you not checking craigslist for bargins now and then? Do you really need full-price cabinets? A custom bottle-opener? A lighter that glows in the dark and tells time? No. Get cheap, simple basics and avoid bells and whistles.


Don’t: Buy bulk items as a one-of.

Single cans of a soda usually cost about a buck, maybe more in a restaurant. A twelve pack halves the price quickly over time. The same can extend to the difference between buying coffee beans or individual beans, or a fifth of alcohol versus a handle. Assume you’ll save and re-use the leftovers. Be nice to future you and save them some cash.


Do: Sharing is caring

A Netflix password is good for more than just one person. If you have one, trade it for some other small favor. If you have a car, carpool with people for a little gas-money. Does a friend know how to fix computers? Take advantage. Maybe offer to cook them a good dinner if you know how, as that’ll save you both some money and give you an excuse to cook like you always say you’ll do. By working together in a little community and using all your strengths you can save money together on not only bulk-items but each other’s specialties; taxis, restaurants, tutors and more can be made obsolete by working with talented friends. Maybe your engineer friend even does micro-brewing. Who knows? Go for it.


Don’t: Spend money on crap.

I don’t care if it’s on sale. You don’t need a collection of child-sized golf-clubs. No, you won’t re-sell them later. No, you won’t make a child-golf league and make millions. Avoid difficult stuff in your life and just accept that the first two minutes of owning something like that cool flask will be a lot better than having it sit unused by your computer.


Do: Buy eggs and bananas.

The most cost effective and healthy breakfast/lunch you can find. Saves money for hamburgers and whiskey for later, too.