For colleges on the semester system, students do not start school for another two or three weeks, and for colleges on the quarter system, school will not start for about six weeks. However, there are some important items on the fall term agenda that students may want to consider completing now, because if you wait until the first week of the term they will be more stressful to deal with.

Think About Books

Buying books early, is usually a good idea, as you want to make sure they will arrive on time. However, it may be wise to check to see if the professor of your class actually requires their students to use the textbook. If the site’s reviews say that you do not need the book for the class, then you can either not buy the book, or buy it from somewhere that you know you can return it, and receive a full refund.

Email Professors If You Are “Adding”

If you are planning on getting into a full course in the fall, as an add student, then sending the professor a quick email is the best thing for you to do. As budget cuts occur, there will be less classes, making each class harder to get in to. By sending the professor an email, you can show them you are serious about the class, while also learning their policy on students who wish to add the class.

Look At Your Schedule

An important thing to do, is to just quickly look over your fall schedule one last time. For some reason, you may have forgotten to add one class because you were waiting for it to open up, or maybe you forgot you wanted to “try out philosophy”, but now you have realized you actually need that calculus course more.

See Your Counselor

Students are recommended to see their counselor every term, and you should! There is a lot of information to keep track of, a lot of classes to squeeze into four years of college, and a lot of questions you probably have in order to graduate on time, while accomplishing everything you wish.  Unfortunately, the counselor’s office is always very crowded, and you can be forced to wait up to a month in order to get an appointment. However, if you make an appointment this summer, you will most likely be the only student there, and will not have to wait.


So, instead of stressing about all of these boring tasks during the first week of school, get some of them over now while you have the time to do so.