In this college day and age, irresponsible living is expected. It’s encouraged even at some degree; these are years to let loose and explore ourselves. And while you probably know the basics, here are a few more tips you might want to live your irresponsibilities to the most responsible. As a frequent enjoyer of irresponsible substances and situations and the wonderfully legal age of 21, I thought I’d help you with some things I learned the hard way and separately, I’m assuming you are medically diagnosed cannabis. On to the tips.


1: Consider Any Sleep You Get On a Substance to be 80%. And that’s even without the hangover factored in. From weed or alcohol your actual depth of sleep is less than you think, so if you know you need six hours of sleep for the next day, plan for seven. This is also why we sleep so much in on the weekends and still feel like we need more: because the sleep we get isn’t quite as good.


2: Parabola of Alcohol. Soften any shots you take with a mixed drink or beer before hand. Then, move on quickly to the softer of hard drinks (beers, for example.) The drunker you get the easier it is to keep hammering high-proof drinks while a beer is more or less consistant to drink, you might be pouring yourself increasingly strong hard-liquor drinks without knowing it. Having those while more sober can prevent over-drinking.


3: Do Not Get High Before A First Date. Trust me on this one, but similarly, anything you think weed might calm you down for as an already stressful situation is going to backfire. If you’re afraid of something, you can’t diagnos with weed to calm yourself down: the paranoia and self-awareness are going to make everything worse.


4: Sleep Deprivation is Similar to Being Drunk: So avoid driving, writing papers, or texting your exes. Numerous studies have proven that lack of sleep slows reaction time and good sense like alcohol does with less of the fun. It happens in college, just be aware.


5: Drinking games are games, not competitions. Once you start competing, you and everyone you drink with starts going harder than you should. It’s like a bidding war in eBay; whoever technically “wins” is the ultimate loser, having dranken/spent too much and will surely pay for it.


6: Wear Protection. STD’s happen, and even when they don’t, panic and getting tested and worrying offhand for days on end happens. Just be a normal dude, dude, and don’t risk your life with any girl whose last name you can’t spell.


7: Moderation. Math question: if five beers is a good time, how much of a good time is ten beers? If you guessed “double” you’re good at math and bad at college. Ten beers is a lot; depending on your size, tolerance, and length of consumption, it might still be acceptable but it isn’t double as good and it also could make your night a whole lot worse. Similarly, you get diminishing returns on smoking or drinking in large quantities or huge frequencies; your tolerance gets built up and besides, the difference between beers five and seven are much smaller than the difference between zero and two. Enjoying in moderation is cheaper, more responsible, safer, and you don’t miss out on much. Save the excessive nights for “now and then” instead of  every time.