Google Calendar LogoCollege students are busy people, constantly juggling a million different things at once.  Keeping up with that busy schedule can be challenge and therefore, it is important to keep a detailed calendar. My personal calendar philosophy requires the calendar to be easy to update, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly: mobile.  I need it to be with me where ever I go and always up to date – no matter what device I look at it on.  For those reasons, Google Calendar is by far my favorite application.

But why use multiple calendars?  Maintaining multiple calendars is the perfect way to keep track of your multidimensional life.  Have one calendar for school, your job, extracurricular activities, financial due dates, and your roommates (trust me) keeps everything organized and shareable.

Here are my five suggested calendars that every student should have:


Depending on how intense your class load is, you may want to have one general school calendar to list all things school related or you may want to create one calendar for each class.  Both methods of this work and it really just depend on preference.  This calendar lists my classes, important assignment and project due dates, and departmental deadlines (like when to meet with your advisor).  If you had a separate calendar for each class, it is also easy to share that calendar with classmates to easily coordinate study group sessions or delegate tasks for big projects.

Extracurricular Activities

College students are often involved in a variety of extracurricular activities on top of their classes.  Whether it is club meetings, special events put on by the Student Life department (like free movie night or pizza parties – free stuff!), or sports games, put it all on the extracurricular activities calendar.  This ensures that you are always know about the fun things going on around campus.  Some people mix this calendar in with the school calendar, but I like to keep it separate.  Do what works for you.


A job calendar is especially important to have if you have a job with hours that vary every week.  It is also really useful if you have freelance positions or make money doing odd jobs every so often (like babysitting or running an Etsy shop).


Being the budget conscious student that I am, I also have a calendar for all of my financial stuff.  I map out when my paydays are, when any bills are due, and when I’ll be getting grant checks or scholarships.  I also list any sale dates for my favorite stores or websites so that when I’m saving up for a big purchase, I know the best time to buy it.  On my financial calendar, I also put any big spending days (like a girl’s day) so I can plan for it and not spend a lot beforehand.


You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for suggesting that you have a calendar for the sole purpose of tracking your roommates, but I promise that this isn’t as Big Brother creepy as it sounds.  The roommate calendar should list any dates that your roommate is planning on being out of town (so that you know you have the dorm/apartment all to yourself – bliss!), times when your roommate really needs some quiet time (like right before a big test), or when you’re trying to plan something nice for your roomies.  Having a general idea of what their schedule is like is convenient and helps you plan your schedule better.


Do you use Google Calendar and if so, do you have multiple calendars set up?  Is your calendar synced to your smartphone?

[Image Credit: Flickr User ASurroca and used via Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License]