I know, I know. The best things in life are free, right? That’s true. You can’t put a price on friends, the sunset, a swim in the ocean or any of the other great things that come without a receipt. But at the same time, a lot of awesome stuff does have price-tags, small or large. This article doesn’t mean that making money will make you happy, or that it’s automatically something that can give you happiness. As Biggie Smalls informed us, more money, more problems. But, if for whatever reason, you find yourself with a little extra scratch, here are some things that can make you happier than buying a solid gold tank.


1: Giving

It’s better to give than to receive as they say. And if your money isn’t bringing you happiness, consider spreading it to those who can. Especially good for the frugal college student is to give cleverly; buy a good twelve pack and split it with your friends, for example. If you drink three good beers for fifteen dollars, that’s what a bar would cost you at least (before tip) and then three other friends get to enjoy it. The best part? One or two of them might get you back in the near future. You’re getting something, sharing, and setting yourself up for a pleasant surprise at the same time. Pretty good, right?


2: Spend Wisely, Stupidly

If you’re going to spend your money on a little indulgence- name brand whiskey, maybe- a key to keeping the guilt low and the enjoyment high is to figure out a good excuse or reason. Maybe you’re buying a series of albums you’ve always wanted…but you’re going to get extra milage out of them by trading them in later and you’ll use it to inspire your music blog. If you get name brand whiskey, use it to test our new cocktails or explain, hey, you need a cool bottle in your alcohol bottle collection.


3: Don’t Go Overboard

Question: how much better is a twenty dollar wine than a ten dollar bottle? It’s a big difference, quality wise. One your parents might approve of, a date would like, and might actually pair well and taste good for a sophisticated change of pace while a ten-dollar bottle is just for getting drunk. But what’s the difference between a fifty dollar bottle and a twenty dollar bottle? Not as large a gap. A thousand dollar bottle of wine? The gap between that and the twenty dollar bottle is about as big as the gap between the twenty dollar bottle and the ten bottle. Upgrade minor things in minor degrees and often, not huge random extravagances. Besides, people would rather two bottles of good one than one bottle of great wine in college. We like to party, y’all.


4: When in Doubt, Save

Spending money makes sense if you have it to spare; good times are easier to have when you’re young and restless than older or married, but if you don’t have anything good to spend that bonus check or birthday money on, save it. You might realize there’s something you really want later that you didn’t plan on; maybe you’ll suddenly get into guitar or date a wonderful girl who really, really likes sushi or maybe you just want to slowly save up for a solid gold tank. Whatever it is, it’s good to have money to blow. Just don’t blow it for no reason.