Our friends at Column Five Media have recently produced a motion graphic video in support of their newest product – a book about Infographics. The name? Infographics.

Their latest blog post spills the details:

This spring, we set out to answer the question “Where do good ideas come from?” in the form of a motion graphic that would serve as a companion piece for a course we developed for Columba University’s Graduate Program in Information and Knowledge Strategy (Visualization of Information) . We quickly realized that perhaps we needed to reevaluate the basis of this question before we answered it. The notion that good ideas simply come to people out of the blue didn’t satisfy us because it didn’t give adequate credit to the creative enterprise of the individual or group. Good ideas aren’t simply lying around like seashells on a beach waiting for us to pick them up nor are they so random.

Check out Column Five’s new video, called How To Generate Good Ideas:

How to Generate Good Ideas from Column Five on Vimeo.


We here at Hack College have worked with a few different designers and launched some pretty awesome Infographics ourselves, and the social proof of using Infographics to support our brand has been a huge success—pulling in a variety of new readers.

In case you’ve missed the graphics we’ve made, here’s a short list: