With all of the photo filters and apps like Instagram out there today, taking, editing and sharing photos from our phones is easy. The only problem is, most people have their photos scattered all across a variety of social media profiles, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Imgur and Flickr. Sifting through photos and finding your favorites from friends is definitely time-consuming, but we’ve found an app that simplifies the process: Popset lets you and your friends create group albums within the app – making it easy for you to see all the photos from a night out without having to sift through various Facebook albums or ask friends to email/text pictures to you.

From girl’s nights out and date nights to formals and parties, you want the photos, but you don’t want—or need—the hassle of tracking them down. Plus, you don’t want to worry about “overexposure” from parents or potential employers seeing photos that were only meant for you and your friends. Popset offers better security levels, giving you and your friends the final say on who gets access to your pictures.

Here’s how it works: When you start taking photos, Popset automatically creates a new album for them and your new photos are instantly added to one of your albums. That means when Sunday morning rolls around and you go through your photos from last night’s party, they’ll all be waiting for you in new album called, “Last night’s party.”

The same goes for road trips, formals, concerts, and other collegiate (mis)adventures. Besides not having to enroll in a photography class, another perk of Popset is it helps organize your existing photos. Right now, you can already import your Instagram photos into their own album, and later this fall an updated version of Popset will allow users to import photos from other social media outlets, like Facebook and Flickr.

One of Popset’s best features for college is the ability to create group albums so you and your friends can share photos in real time. It’s ideal for keeping all of your group’s party photos in one place so that you don’t have to waste your time digging through your friends’ Facebook photos or your email for the one photo you’re looking for. Popset also makes it easy to view photo albums on an Internet browser, so even people without an iPhone can check out your pics.  Every time you create a new album, Popset also creates a browse-able page on Popset.com – eliminating the need to connect your phone to your computer to transfer photos.

Once your photos are in Popset, you share them however you want: you can link them to your album pages via email or text or upload entire albums to Facebook (complete with captions and comments) with a single tap. That feature alone can help save you a ton of time you’d otherwise waste selecting and uploading photos one-by-one.

Whether you just want to share your photos privately with friends or simply keep you photos organized, Popset saves you time and makes taking photos easier.