Your credit cards and even debit cards may come with an embedded RFID chip—having a chip allows you to touch-to-pay, and swipe for convenience. But if these can be scanned from a few inches away, who knows what other devices people in public are using to access a quick scan of your wallet?

If you subscribe to the tinfoil hat theory that everyone is out to get you (and even if you don’t), you’ll probably want a more secure, not to mention durable wallet. The quick fix? An altoids tin. Perfect size for all of your cards, ID’s, a lighter or usb drive, and even a few Altoids to keep your breath fresh.

Keep it from popping open (those hinges won’t last forever if you’re frequently opening and closing it) with a rubber band, or hair elastic.

In conclusion, the RFID blocking wallet is a good idea because:

  • Low cost – approximately $2.15 for a tin.
  • Comes with breath mints.
  • Keeps your identity secure.
  • Serves as a decoy wallet.
  • It’s tough, cards won’t break or bend.

Learn how to make a double-sided Altoids tin wallet like this one over at Instructables.
Double-sided Altoids Wallet

Now show us your wallet!

[via Lifehacker]