Drinking is a big part of college. Every weekend, (sometimes more) you’re going to have hundreds of people on campus drinking; there will be kegs, jungle juice, vodka, and more. If you’re old enough to buy it yourself, there will be good beer and maybe your favorite whiskey. Whatever your favorite drink is, you’ll be able to have it.

But (maybe) you should stop. As an avid drinker myself, I thought I’d compile a few reasons you might want to stop. This isn’t to guilt or persuade. I have a party tonight, for example, and I’ll be drinking. Maybe you will too. But it’s important to give it a once-over and think it through every now and then.


1: Money

In college, the necessities in order are: alcohol, food, stuff for class (maybe). If you’re a younger drinker, you can probably coast by with minimal cash, drinking terrible off-brand drinks served free at parties. But when you’re older, you can’t survive drinking that trash and you can’t go to those terrible sweaty parties anymore. You have to drink better stuff, and worse, pay for it. That’s not so bad; sharing a twelve pack and covering the cost is a pretty good use of fifteen bucks. But bars will get you; you’ll throw five bucks for the first beer, and then, hey, you’ll want a second later. If it’s a good night, you might get a third, and God forbid you buy that blonde girl the margarita you think she wants. Between that awkward embarrassment, the drinks and tip, that’s $25 easy. Or, in other words, five months worth of ramen.


2: Health

Alcohol, remember, is poison. Awesome, tasty poison that makes you have a good time, but sure, it’s a poison. Remember those hangovers you have? The bad night’s sleep? The every-now-and-then you’re throwing up after going way too hard? It’s poison. It’s full of empty calories (yuck) and full of poison (yikes) when you drink it. The more you drink it, the worse it can be.


3: Curiousity

If you spend every weekend and many weekdays drinking, try something different. If that’s how you meet girls, consider stop drinking and you’ll find the world around you supplies new opportunities around. You’ll notice there’s a different world full of options around you even without alcohol. Alcohol is cool and fun (that’s part of why we use it even if it’s bad for us) but there’s other stuff for us out there too.


4: A Test

If not getting drunk for a week (and I’ll allow two social beers per party) seems like an impossible or obnoxious test on the internet, maybe you should look into it as something to give a try. You might find different ways to enjoy the same parties or find you don’t really like certain parties as much as you thought.


5: So Drinking Later Is Better

I’m not telling you to stop drinking. But if you wean yourself off it for a bit and return to it, you might find some stuff out about yourself. You might find that certain parties are worse than you thought, or that certain females weren’t as nice as you thought. Or you might find you can’t drink that sort of trash anymore, but yum, pass the whiskey. It’ll give you a better outlook on life, your drinking, a lower tolerance, and a second start to re-start drinking, older, wiser, and smarter. Hey, at least this time you can take a shot, right?