While getting up before noon can seem like an awful horrible curse, mornings are crucial to setting your day off in the right direction! Here are six easy tasks you can do to be a killer student, all before high noon.

1. Get Up Early (We’re Talking Elderly People Early)

Sure, the pain of getting up in the wee hours of the morning can seem unbearable, but it is vital to setting the pace of your day. Your brain is at the most productive in the morning and because you are so tired—time seems to fly. Using all of your might, fight the urge to hit that sweet, sweet snooze button. Future you will be so happy about this decision.

2. Exercise Right After You Get Up

Now that you have bested the mighty desire to smack that snooze button several times and ripped yourself up from your slumber… you should do some exercise right away. This will get your endorphins flowing, wake you up and prep your mind so it’s at it’s best for the day’s challenges. Morning walks or runs, jumping jacks any cardio exercises are extremely good to get oxygen flowing to the brain and allow it to be ready to fully absorb all the things you will learn.

3. Eat a Hearty and Healthy Breakfast

Your body and brain will both be pretty hungry after your morning workout, so don’t starve yourself. This is bad. Make sure you eat a very healthy breakfast in the morning and make it a habit. It kickstarts your metabolism and readies the cells in your body and brain to be at peak condition for an eventful student day.

4. Utilize a Portion of The Morning for Studying

You’ve woken your body and brain up, as well as fed it properly. Now it’s time to capitalize on your fattened and happy brain. Studying for tests in the morning gives you a relaxed atmosphere to truly spend time with the material. It’s better than studying at night, because the material will be even more fresh in your mind for when that test is slapped upon you.

5. Go Over Your Schedule

Set aside some time to really go through your day’s schedule. This will prepare you to be on time for all that’s ahead and refine any challenges, assignments or other activities that are on your agenda. Fewer surprises and less rushing around will get you in the best possible headspace to conquer each day.

6. Don’t Stay Up Too Late

To get yourself ready for a routine like this, it is crucial that you get enough sleep. You won’t have to go to bed at the same time as your great grandma, but being asleep before 11pm or midnight will make sure you are all ready to go to tackle your morning head on.
Developing these routines is not only a college hack, but a life hack as well. You will feel more invigorated, rested and will completely set yourself up for success… and success NEVER blows!
[Photo credit: johncohen on Flickr]