Using the Web Timer app for Google Chrome I have learned that in the 90 days that I have kept track of my internet use, I have spent over twenty-nine hours watching YouTube videos. With all of that time spent on YouTube I have learned a fair amount of neat and useful hacks to better my viewing experience. Most of these tips can be found straight from YouTube itself, and none are too difficult to put into action.

Isolate The Video From Your Browser

A neat trick that one can do from just watching the video itself is to isolate the YouTube video from your browser, so the video is in its own window. To do this, simply right click on the video and then click “Pop out.”

Create A Link To The Video At An Exact Time

Another simple thing you can do while actually watching the video is create a URL link of the video with the exact time you would like the video to play on when you use the link. So, if you are giving a presentation for a class that involves a YouTube video, you can just use your edited link, and then play the video right where you need it to play. You can also use this feature to show your friend that one really funny part of a nine minute long blog, or something.  So, to do this, simply right click on the video at the desired time and click “Copy video URL at current time.”

Always (Or Never) Play Videos In High Quality

In the playback settings of YouTube you can choose the quality of video to be automatically played. So, if you have fast internet and love high quality videos then you can select the “always play best quality” option. Or, if you have a slower internet connection and you would rather watch the video quickly and don’t care about waiting for good quality, then you can select the “never play higher-quality video” option.

Make Videos Load Faster Without Changing Video Quality

Another way to speed up the loading of the videos you watch, and not decrease the quality, is by using Youtube’s Feather beta. The Feather beta reduces the amount of bytes downloaded by the browser by limiting the features on the site, which in turn allows the video to load faster. Feather actually works surprisingly well; for example, my slow internet can usually only stream videos that are 360p, but with the feather beta turned on I could easily stream videos that are 1080p. Amazing.

No More Advertisements

The worst part about YouTube are those thirty second advertisements that play before your actual video. In order to block these and be ad free, you need to download the extension Adblock Plus for your browser. Adblock Plus is a great extension that does its job by blocking YouTube ads and the ads that take place on other websites as well.

Bonus: Play Snake On YouTube

One of the classic Easter eggs of the internet, is being able to play the game “snake” while watching a YouTube video (see picture above.) To start the snake game on a YouTube video, all you have to do is  hit the left arrow key and then quickly hit the up arrow key while the video is playing. Enjoy.