The start of another school year is now upon us, and students will once again need to stock up on supplies to help them make it through another grueling semester. The average college student needs so much now, compared to only a few years ago, when college students only needed a calculator, a notebook and a few textbooks.

If college students want to be successful today they need to be technical. They need to have access to all the latest technical devices available to them in the classroom. Here are at least 5 top gadgets that college students need to make their learning experience exciting.


Students need to have access to the internet to complete a variety of projects. Getting to the computer lab and finding a computer that is not already occupied is not easy once classes start. The average college student cannot get through the entire year of school with surfing the internet for class related information. Networks are half the size of laptops but they are just as efficient. They are capable of surfing the internet, checking email accounts and saving files to the hard drive.

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High Tech Digital Pens

Ordinary ink pens are no match for the amount of class work students have to contend with in today’s classroom. Trying to keep up with lectures and note taking can be challenging. And frustrating. The digital pen is not just a pen—it is an audio recorder. It allows the student to record important notes and messages and type them up later. The pen offers the student the ability to download notes to the computer.

USB Drives

Students may not always have time to complete their assignments in the classroom before they are due to their next class. Therefore, having a USB drive is perfect for saving homework assignments and backing up important documents and files. They make sharing pictures and documents easy and manageable. It is the ultimate portable storage system that conveniently fits in any pocket or purse. Alternately, signing up for a cloud storage service, such as Evernote,  might be a viable alternative to a USB drive.

Android Tablet

Tablets are the perfect textbook companion for students who want to travel light. The tablet holds 100’s of popular titled books which students can download and read immediately. Students save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on textbooks and work study guides. The portable computer like device has touch screen features and a windows or Linux operating system.

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A Nice Pair of Headphones

College is stressful and students have a lot to deal with. There are times when sitting under a tree or in a quiet place in study hall is needed for relaxation and de-stressing. They are perfect for listening to music on the internet, on the radio, or iPod—or just to block out the noise of the world around us.

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