College is a time spent studying, attending class, and trying to manage a social life. Still, it is important to try to maintain positive habits that will get you through school without suffering gray hair, the dreaded freshman 15, and poor test scores. However, you do not have to go crazy trying to stay fit and focused; even making minor changes in your routine can make a big difference to your college success.

To boost the positive effects of your college lifestyle shift, you can take a helping hand from a few nutritional supplements that will give you the energy and focus that just isn’t there during those long study sessions. Knowing the right supplements for your needs can make a huge impact on your health in college and keep you on the right track even when you are facing the most difficult semesters of your academic career. Here is an overview of some beneficial supplements to pair with your new healthy habits:

Sleep Aids

It may seem counterintuitive to try to get more sleep when you are in college, because the late night study session seems to be a fixture in any college student’s life. However, getting a good night’s sleep will have a much more positive effect than staying up all night to study. When you get enough sleep, your brain has the time to process the information you have learned for the day and store it to memory so it is ready to access during your next exam.

Sleep aids can promote the healthy night of sleep that you need for academic success without giving you a sedated, lethargic feeling that lasts through the next day. There are multivitamin options like Anavite or stress-relieving supplements like Revamp, and both of these can get you to sleep at night so you can wake up refreshed and ready in the morning.

Neural Optimizers

Even with the recommended amount of nightly sleep, you may find it hard to remember all the facts you pick up while reading and attending class. With a heavy class load, it is important to help your memory work at its fullest capacity. You can do just that by exploring neural optimizer supplements that improve focus and boost memory without harsh stimulants that can leave you feeling jittery.

Alpha GPC is a great supplement to start utilizing daily that will support cognitive functions with choline. For a stronger memory boost with the benefit of better concentration, coordination, and endurance, include Focus XT in your daily routine. These supplements and others like them are more beneficial than stimulant-based products like caffeine pills or even some prescription medications, because they do not come with the typical afternoon crash that can ruin your busy days.

Fat Burners

Weight management in college is not impossible, but it does take some work to stave off the dreaded “Freshman 15.” With unhealthy dining options at every turn and hours spent in front of the computer studying, it doesn’t hurt to have the help of a natural fat-burning supplement.

Fat burners are available for all types of fitness goals, whether you are simply looking to maintain your weight or you want to lose a few pounds in college. A great all-around supplement to try is Lean Xtreme, which works to fight off extra pounds by lowering cortisol levels. Since cortisol is a stress hormone, Lean Xtreme has the added bonus of mood elevation and better immune function. You can also find some help burning fat with the energy support of ThermoGum, which is an easy fix for extra energy before a workout at the gym or a run on campus.

Immune System Supports

There is no better way to kill the momentum of a good semester than by becoming ill in the thick of your academic responsibilities. Sure you will be able to catch up with friends on facebook, but your grades are sure to suffer. Since it can be hard to always make the best dietary decisions for immune support, you might consider using a daily multivitamin to give your body the fighting power it needs to defend against seasonal illnesses.

Choosing a basic men’s or women’s multivitamin is a good starting point for maintaining immune health, but you might need a little something extra to feel your best. The probiotic blend of supplements like those found in Gut Health can help with digestion for optimal absorption of nutrients while protecting you from foodborne illness. L-Carnitine is another supplement that will be beneficial to overall wellness, because it balances fatty acids that the body uses for brain, digestive, and immune health. For those nights when you are having more fun than usual, keeping the extra vitamin punch of NoHang handy is a good idea to avoid a post-weekend slump.

No matter which supplements you choose to enhance your college performance, remember that it is important to back them up with healthy habits like a reasonable diet, moderate exercise, and plenty of sleep. As you incorporate these elements into your routine, you will notice an improvement in your study habits and your fitness, which will help you enjoy college to the fullest.

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Benjamin Beck studied business at BYU-Idaho and works along with to help college students stay fit, focused, and enjoy college to the fullest.