Zombies are everywhere, well, not everywhere — if they were everywhere, you should seriously come up with a game plan for survival and stop reading this immediately. They are, however, an essential ingredient in movies that can kill a boring night of being a broke college student. Here are 5 awesome flicks starring those beloved cannibalistic reanimated corpses!

Dawn of The Dead (1978)

The seventies were a very weird time. Music was weird. Clothes were weird. Everything was just a bit bonkers. So, when a crazy fool named George A. Romero decided to make a movie starring the dead… society was exactly the right amount of crazy to go apey for this hardcore horror cult extravaganza. Start with this 1978 classic on your zombie night.

The Return of The Living Dead (1985)

Like with all genres of horror movies, zombie flicks in the 1980′s weren’t without their cheese. 1985′s ‘The Return of The Living Dead’ gives you solid 80′s gore with enough terrible dialogue and poor acting that it will be a nice second zombie movie in your night of horror.


Dawn of The Dead (2004)

Remakes of cult classics typically don’t go well, but Zach Snyder’s version of Romero’s classic is worthy of your lonely evening of zombie films. It’s suspenseful, violent and carries with it all the special effects magic the early 2000′s could bring to cannibalistic hordes of dead bodies. Check this one out and you won’t be disappointed.

Zombieland (2009)

In this writer’s humble opinion, this is quite possibly the perfect zombie film. It carries with it believable special effects. It has a focus on the human side of characters going through this terrible zombie-infested reality. It has plenty of intended humor that is actually funny. And if that weren’t enough for you… it has freaking Bill Murray. What more could you ask for?

28 Days Later (2002)

Some nerds will argue that this isn’t even a true zombie movie… as the infected people are still alive. Well, this has all the right makins of a good zombie flick.. so it’s on the list and you geeks who are offended will just have to deal with it in a healthy emotional manner. The shots of an emptied London are some of the most amazing pieces of cinema you will ever feast your eyes upon… so this will help amp up your all night flesh eating zombie feast.

Shaun of The Dead (2004)

This is the perfect zombie movie to end the evening with. Not only is this spoof on the zombie scourge hilarious… it also could be the most realistic view on how life with zombies would actually play out. This is demonstrated by the fact that zombies are only dangerous when you are confronted by a ridiculous number of them. Going toe-to-toe with a zombie would be as easy as it was in the movie.. corpses are falling apart and are easy to lay a beatdown upon!

Honorable Mentions: Check these fine zombie experiences out as they are definitely worthy of your dorm room.

  • The Walking Dead Complete Series
  • ’28 Weeks Later’