In an effort to bring the fittest fellas a reward to staying in shape, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazine have launched a contest called Fit Man On Campus. With HackCollege as a sponsor of the contest, we want to give you the opportunity to represent your campus and achieve greatness.

The team at Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness will be giving special challenges to competitors to earn bonus votes (or extra credit). Special challenges range from sending us pictures or video of you running up and down your campus stadium’s stairs to doing push ups in the campus library.

As competitors complete challenges, we will share their success and will blog about how they pulled it off.

Enter yourself for the Fit Man On Campus challenges here.


What you’re competing for: Prize packages, giveaways, and even a photo shoot in Men’s Fitness magazine. Not to mention it’s free to enter.

Stay tuned for more Fit Man updates and healthy hacks on Hack College, you can bookmark the following tag ‘Fit Man On Campus‘. Good luck to those of you entering!