Eating the same affordable crap day in and day out can almost drive a person to insanity. People on tight budgets—say college students-are not in a position to explore all the culinary wonders of the world. You tend to eat the same stuff… because you found the cheap sustenance you can actually stomach. Here is a major food hack for you. 5 foods that are even better frozen!

Pop Tarts

Fans of Pop Tarts will call this blasphemy. They will argue that one does not take that which is to be served hot and send it to the icy depths of the freezer. Well, they are absolutely wrong. The filing inside the pop tart is elevated to a higher being when frozen. This hack is not flavor-specific either. Literally, every kind of pop tart is freezable and ends up as a delectable frozen treat.

Hostess Cupcakes

Hostess Cupcakes, up until this point had seemed to have obtained perfection. What was there to fix? For some scientific reason, when you freeze these things they turn into a chilly piece of heaven that should almost be illegal. The frosting on the inside and out takes to the drop in temperature like someone with one eye takes to a telescope. This one can change your life.


Oh, you thought that it was gonna be all foods that bring on diabetes, eh? WRONG. We’ve got some healthy tricks up our sleeves! Grapes are a great healthy snack that you can carry with you throughout your day… but during the day–try putting some of your grapes in the freezer. They turn into little popsicle-like orbs of awesome. Other fruits work well frozen also, such as peeled mangoes, bananas and berries.


Ok, you got us.. we’re back to unhealthy stuff again–but life is absolutely no fun with out just a little danger, right? These things transform into a psychedelic magic bus of chocolaty madness on the other side of a good freeze. Do yourself a favor and give this one a try… we bet your mind will be blown.


We felt bad about the Ho-Ho’s, so now we’re bringin’ it back home with yogurt. You can take any of your favorite flavors of yogurt, strawberry, blueberry… whatever—put a popsicle stick into it and voila—about 2 hours later you have yourself a ridiculously tasty frozen yogurt pop. You’ll end up making tons of these at a time.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Alright, we’ve looked at yogurt. Now back to the real fun. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are out of this world when they are frozen. They are so good, that we wonder if the chemical makeup of Reese’s Cups some how magically evolves into a brain slapping endorphin of some kind. Whatever mystical force is behind this deliciousness is mighty… try this one and you too will be in awe of it’s wonder.
There ya have it, a seriously simple, yet seriously awesome food hack that will enrich your lives until your final frozen Reese’ cup-smelling breath. Hack College boldy pronounces how YOU’RE WELCOME!
[Photo credit: beccapetersen on Flickr]