You know that scumbag brain of yours? The brain that cannot remember anything you want it to, even when you make a solid effort to do so?  Well, now with technology, us humans can replace our brains’ bad memories with something as simple as a phone. The way to do this is by simply taking a picture of what you need to remember. Then, when you forget it, you can just take out your phone and take a look at the picture. You obviously cannot use this technique to remember everything (like your parents birthday), but it will be handy for small things you need a “photographic memory” for.

Remembering where you parked

I often forget where I have parked, and end up searching around parking lots and parking garages for more than five minutes. To solve this problem, I simply take a picture of where I park right when I get out of my car, and then look at that picture once I need to start looking. When taking a picture of your car, you want to make sure there is some sort of landmark or sign in the picture, so you can easily recognize the area you are parked at.

Remembering what you have packed for a trip

When I was a kid, before I went on a long trip my mother would write a list of everything she packed for me. Then, at the end of that trip I would take a look at that list and make sure I had everything repacked. As an adult I have taken that same trick and made it easier. Before I pack everything away in my suitcase, I take a picture of the contents all spread out, so when I repack at the end of my trip, I can refer to that picture to make sure I have everything.

Remember what your friend is borrowing

When people lend something small to a friend, they often forget it was ever lent. For example, I currently have a DVD copy of the movie Monster Squad and a disc golf frisbee that are technically owned by my friends; even though, I have had them for over two years. To avoid this, next time you let your friend borrow something, take a picture of them holding it. Then, when you are randomly browsing through your photos on your phone, you will see it and remember to get it back.

Remembering what you have on yourself

Depending on where I go, I often have six to eight things that I carry around, that could easily be forgotten some where. For example, today at school I had my cell phone, iPod, wallet, keys, water bottle, lunch box, backpack, and my glasses. If you forget things often, you could start taking a picture of all your stuff before you leave, and then when you feel like you have forgotten something in class or in your car, take a look at the picture and check if you have.