If you find a person who doesn’t absolutely love a good BBQ, you should alert the authorities. It takes years to truly master the ways of the grill, but these here easy BBQ hacks will help you save time without skimping on the savory deliciousness.

Use An Onion To Clean The Grill

Cleaning the charred remains of your beautiful barbecued bounty is by far the worst aspect of choosing to set fire to meats in your back yard. Well, if you’re barbecuing you should have an onion AND nothing cleans a grill like the natural oils in an onion. While the grill is still hot put a halved onion on a fork and use it to scrub off the aftermath!

Use  Muffin Tin to Dispense Condiments

Nothing is worse than having to wash off the 8 different plates you used for condiments… so use a muffin tin. Use this trick and the onion trick together and your friends and family will feel an overwhelming need to bow to your awesomeness!

Use The Microwave as a Sort of Meat Time Machine

Do you have a bunch of hungry marauders on the way to your barbecue, but are waaaay behind schedule on getting all the food in order. You can cook your different meats MOST of the way in the microwave… then you throw it on the grill to complete cooking. It will taste delicious AND you can feel good about how sneaky you can be.

Always Be Aware of Which Beer is Yours

With all the charred flesh in your belly, you will naturally want to refresh your pallet with something delicious. Delicious and refreshing things typically come in cans. Nobody likes trying to guess if the beer is yours or if it belongs to the guy in the crazy faded NASCAR shirt with less than informed dental practices. Save yourself the mental anguish by simply turning the tab on your can a certain way that only you would be aware of. NASCAR guy won’t be so forward thinking!

Propane Tank Quick Check

If you’re using a propane tank, you don’t want to be forever labeled the loser who ran out of gas. Check the tank before you start cooking to see if there’s enough fuel to last the duration of your feast. Heat up some water to boiling, tilt the propane tank slightly and pour the water on it. Make sure that you pour it on the side and NOT the top. We repeat, NOT THE TOP! Now, place your hand on the side of the tank you estimate the fuel level to be. If it remains cool after the hot water was poured on it, that’s the propane level!

You’ve made it through the training young Grillmaster, now arm yourself with your tongs, your ridiculous novelty apron and go forth to spread the word of grilled food to the masses. Now when you look in the mirror you will know without a doubt… you are the best. THE ABSOLUTE BEST at having barbecues!

[Photo credit: galant on Flickr]