There comes a time when you don’t want to party.

It’s not permanent. But there will be a night or two- more maybe- where all your friends are talking about going to a bar or club or party and you want out. Not that you want to change your plans, but that you’re just out. Maybe you don’t have the energy or for whatever reason it doesn’t sound good.


1. Start the Night Out

It sounds paradoxical, but if you want to spend your Saturday night in, you should start it out. See, that’s because many people have a fear of missing out; while you’re at home you’ll wonder how great the party might be and you’ll start to second guess yourself. Cut that out and start the night out with your friends. Grab a beer and make a cameo; say hi to some people and ten minutes late, disappear. This means that you’ll see the people and see that you’re not missing much. And if you are? Then stay out. Best of both worlds, yo.


2. Separate The Night

Why is this night different than all other nights? If you aren’t partying, what makes a Saturday night different than a Tuesday? Well, if you want to keep your sanity while inside, you better figure it out. Find something cool to do or to watch that you otherwise wouldn’t or, on the other hand, do something so absurdly wholesome people can’t help but be jealous. If you want to savor two fancy beers watching Breaking Bad because your friends are going to a terrible club across town, you’ll have more fun and save more money. If instead you do homework and wake up early to go for a jog instead of being hungover, then you’ll be much more productive (and totally surprising, but hey.) The point is to enjoy yourself in a way that you can justify it later and, if I’m so bold, brag about it to your friends who made stupid plans.


3. See Other People

Even if you aren’t going out, you can see some friends. Or you can write a long email to your good friend in California. Or you can just goof around on Facebook for a bit, or you can call your brother for a bit. Whatever you do, include other people into your small little plan. It’ll make it feel a lot less lonely and instead feel cozy and cool. Two people watching Breaking Bad (notice a theme) is pretty cool, for any night.


4. Move Slow

If you’re out on a weekend night, your night can be awesome and it can be absurd. I enjoy it myself. But when you’re staying in, you can finally move at your own pace. There’s no need to get crazy drunk, and you know you won’t be sweating in some basement like a big sweaty idiot. Instead you can savor that beer instead of chugging five of them down. You can move at your own pace and just be. Zen through light drinking, yo. It beats meditation.


5. Don’t Believe The Hype

When your friends come back, and you’re well-rested from your night in, they’re not going to tell you they were right. They’re going to talk about the night as they saw it, and that’s going to be also the highlight reel that they rattle off; they’re not going to mention the awkward hour or so, they’ll talk about when Jeremy ate that vodka-apple or something. So nod, smile, and say you wish you went, knowing that you’re glad you didn’t.