College ain’t easy, and paying for it is even harder. Many lucky students have financial aid, scholarships, and even loans, but the rest of us are forced to work our way through boring, low-paying, dead-end jobs to pay for our tuition. If you’re in the latter category, don’t despair! Check out the perks of these four great jobs for college students so you can pay for your college tuition without going totally broke. Or totally crazy.

1. Student Tutoring Centers

It may not be the most enjoyable way to spend your Friday afternoons, but working at a tutoring center on campus as a desk attendant is the best way to get paid to study. You’re always allowed to bring your books and papers, as long as you help out other students when they need it. The job itself is normally pretty minimal, you’ll just have to direct students to the proper tutoring sessions, and probably answer the phone every once in a while. These centers are only busy around exams, so you can pretty much get paid to do your own homework the rest of the time.

2. Restaurants

Read: (mostly) free food. Most restaurants offer at least one meal per shift, and many provide leftovers as well, translating to several free meals each week. Try for a job as a hostess or cashier if you want to make an hourly wage without getting stuck at the restaurant too late at night. If you don’t mind long hours, look for local, family-owned restaurants that won’t mind giving you a week off in December to take your final exams. As a general rule, try to avoid bartending during the school year because you’ll just end up drinking after work instead of studying. Oh, the tips are usually pretty good as well.

3. Grocery Stores

Read: discounted food, great hours, and time and a half on Sundays. Most grocery stores give their employees some kind of discount, and many little markets offer free tastes or steep discounts to help employees describe and sell the products. Unlike a restaurant, you know the hours beforehand, and you can normally get paid a higher wage for working Sundays. Some grocery stores even offer double pay on major holidays, such as Easter and Christmas.

4. Book Stores

Read: discounted books. You can always look into jobs at your local campus book store, but you might get even bigger perks by heading over to big-box retailers like Barnes and Noble. B&N recently brokered deals with universities and publishers, meaning they now sell or rent the majority of your textbooks. If you can tap into a deeper discount for your books, you can save money while you make money.

Honorary Mention: Your Major’s Department

The motivation for working here is more about the after-college benefits. You normally have to qualify for work study in order to get these jobs, but if you can get it, working in your chosen major’s department can have a lot of perks. The wage may be low, and it may be applied directly to your tuition, but the connections you make within the department, and the relationships you build, can help you a lot when trying to apply for jobs and graduate programs post-commencement.

[Photo credit: adriannier on Flickr]