Try as we might, summer’s coming to an end.

The summer-extending potions didn’t work, but it’s okay. We had a good run, guys. With whatever internships you had or didn’t have, I’m sure you had adventures and sunburns, and that’s enough. But now it’s time to transition into the fall and your classes, and for that, I have some tips.

Don’t Stress

Seriously, don’t. “How am I going to go back to classes” ask a bunch of nervous returning Sophmores, Juniors, and even some Seniors. After a summer like you’ve had, how do you go back to waking up and doing work? Well, I don’t know. Really I don’t. But it gets done. Every single time you have had to go from summers to school you’ve done it with success. I mean, it gets done; stressing about how you’re going to do it only serves that purpose: stress. Calm down and trust yourself.

Focus on the Good

Fall weather is nice. No more sweating in shorts and there can be something fulfilling about being busier if you’ve had a super lazy summer like I have, and if you’ve had a super busy summer like my friends, it can be nice to trade your job for naps and papers. Either way, that’s a plus, not to mention you’ll see all your friends, and all your potential new friends (hellllloooo ladies) and all the social hub that college brings. College is Hogwarts, yo; get psyched to return.

Security Blanket

Promise yourself that at the first unseasonably warm September weekend (and they will happen) you’ll re-do your favorite bits of summer all over again. That can stall your separation anxiety and additionally gives you a super-fun weekend. Good deal, right? Right. It’s a good deal. Even if you don’t do it, the idea itself can be comforting.

Get What You Need

Alleviate stress by making sure you have what you need- from the boring stuff like books and forms signed to the more fun stuff like a giant stockpile of red-bull and honey-nut-cheerioes. Set yourself up for success so you can focus on all the pros of college before complaining about all the problems college can bring. Solve the problems in advance. Science.

Stick to Your New-Year’s Resolution

Remember that New Years resolution you  made and then promptly forgot about, because hey, it’s the summer, etc, etc? Take advantage of being back at college to really hammer home the “new start” stuff the way you’d want to. Go to the gym. Dress like an adult. Do whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do and make the most of your year and the transition will go from annoying to important, for you.

Don’t Ask People What They Did This Summer

They don’t care, you don’t care, and if it’s actually good and interesting, you’re going to be jealous when you hear it. Instead of asking that, feel free to go with some more interesting topic such as: pretty much anything else. And don’t talk about your summer, either; let your scars and sunburns tell the story. Dwelling on the past can make it harder to get forward in your future.