Twitter has been around since 2006, and it is still growing fast while easily becoming one of the most popular social networks on the web.  Unfortunately, a lot of people still think of twitter as just a place full of boring people telling the world about every single aspect of their life; however, Twitter is so much more than that. Aside from your friends’ and celebrities’ life happenings, Twitter can actually be a very good source for quick and organized updates happening locally and world wide.  Here are some examples of those kinds of Twitter accounts, as well as some other lighthearted ones, that can be helpful to college students.

Your School

Following the Twitter account of your school can be very handy, as the account will probably post updates throughout the school year about information regarding registration dates, major sporting events, school wide events, school holidays, etc.  These updates can be helpful if you do not normally check up on the school’s activities and news on your free time. If you are really into school spirit you could also follow accounts such as your school’s newspaper, or a specific sport’s team at your school.


As well as school wide news, Twitter is also a quick and easy place to get your worldwide news. If you do not regularly watch or read the news, then following a news organization on twitter can be a good substitution. Some good Twitter news sources include @BreakingNews, @nytimes,  @nprnews, and for a more fun side of the news @huffingtonpost.


Apart from using Twitter as a source for school wide and worldwide news, one can also use Twitter as a stress reliever by getting some good laughs. Thousands of people use Twitter to try to be hilarious, and some of those thousands actually succeed. Some of my favorite Twitter comedians include @robdelaney, @shelbyfero and @boobsradley, but there are many other funny Twitter users you could find out there if my examples do not fit your sense of humor perfectly. You can also follow humorous ”novelty accounts” like the popular @shitgirlssay@badluckmeme and @Lord_Voldemort7.


There are many other types of Twitter accounts that one can follow, and if you have an interest in something there is probably a Twitter account for it. A couple others that I find nice to follow are @espn and @lifeprotips, the latter being an account that shows its followers cool hacks straight from the subreddit /r/lifeprotips.


Finally, college students should  of course follow HackCollege’s Twitter account @hackcollege which informs its followers whenever a new HackCollege article is posted. Also, if you are a really huge HackCollege fan you could follow the indivual accounts of us HackCollege writers, and the HackCollege administrators.


In conclusion, if you are not on Twitter, you should consider getting an account, because Twitter goes beyond its unfortunate stereotype,  and can actually be very useful, informative and fun!