Cleaning is a terrible activity no matter what room it’s taking place in. But there is no place more frustrating to keep clean than a bathroom. They usually don’t give you the optimum space needed to maneuver around in there.

Bathroom cleaning takes place in sections. You clean the toilet, you clean the sink and then you clean the bathtub and shower before finally mopping the floor. It’s not the easiest of chores on your day’s to-do-list. Showers prove to be a constant struggle to keep clean, because of how frequently they are used.

Here’s an easy bathroom cleaning hack for your shower that can ease at least a  portion of your daily bathroom upkeep. Soap scum and other fun bathroom nastiness can build up all over the shower head. It’s not a pleasant sight.

Cleaning Your Shower Head:

  • Take a Ziploc bag and fill it with vinegar.
  • Now, submerse your shower head in the bagged vinegar and tie some string (or elastic bands) around it tightly.
  • Leave the bag there overnight.
  • When you remove it the shower head will be squeaky clean with absolutely no scrubbing.
  • A word of caution: use common sense when removing the Ziploc bag from the shower head – do it slowly and carefully as to not drench your eyeballs in vinegar.

Recycling Your Ziploc Bags:

Many of us simlpy throw our sandwich baggies out after we use them – this is incredibly wasteful and unnecessary. Here’s a quick tip on the lifecycle of your Ziploc bags:

  • Sandwich bag to…
  • Freezer bags to…
  • Shower head cleaner!
Make sure you’re using one single bag at least three times to get the most out of the money you spent on sandwich baggies.