Bookmarking useful websites in college is on every student’s to do list. Unfortunately, shuffling through your pages and organizing your online tools can be a hassle for everyone.

When organizing my own weekly bookmarks this morning, I lost track of time and ended up spending 2+ hours picking the right pages, organizing by categories and, for the most part, getting distracted. That’s why I created a list of recent web pages & online tools for HC- saving you time and bringing you online updates you’ll definitely use at some point in your college career.

There are so many useful sites out there today, and this is only a fragment of the lists I have put together in the past. I will make sure to keep it updated and repost any new sites or list changes that I make. If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment below with the URL in your post! I would love to see what the HackCollege community can contribute and to learn about some new, interesting pages as well.

Anyway, here’s my recent list of the latest and greatest resourceful web pages today. Enjoy!

Education & Organization

Google Scholar

Google’s amazing web search for articles and legal documents only. This is an extremely helpful search tool for research papers.

Teux Deux

 A simple, free, browser based to do list.


Free task and online project management site


A Wikipedia page of useful web terms to keep you tech fabulous!

One of the most useful note taking sites out there, specifically for meeting minutes.


Flowcharts are such a great way to learn, and they are extremely effective also. Here is a site that lets you create your own!


An online conversion site that has every single conversion you’ll ever need & more


The best tools for getting a list of jobs done (sorted by category, and this makes browsing much easier).

Financing Tools & News Updates


Go to this site! I am telling you, it’s awesome. You get financially “fierce” as they call it, with their online banking and tracking tools, planning resources and knowledge center. The layout is super cute as well (if you’re into that)!


Another way to manage your money and monthly budgeting.


This is another “don’t judge the title” site. If you want to be updated on the latest trending news, without having to read all the pages in between, stop here and keep yourself in check (mom or not, the news is the news).


Lifehacker might sound a little too tech centered for you’re liking — but I am telling you that you will be able to find endless resources that will help make your life easier. Just give it a try and you’ll see what I am talking about!


Share & create online documents with friends. Make sure the document is synchronized as you type and that everyone invited to the page can see the same text.

Which Date Works

Scheduling an event for a large group of people? Try setting up the right date with this site’s help.

Internship & Job Resources


Browse and apply for online internships using this site. I have already applied to a few (still waiting to hear back) and it was extremely simple to complete the application process.


Find an internship for any field you desire, in any location.


Business cards FTW.

Job search and multimedia resume tools.


Accelerates your job search by using raw skills to find the perfect match.


Job searching made personal.


Manage your job search.


All your applications in one spot. Track your progress and activity.

Apartment Hunting & Navigation/Tracking Tools


I used this site when searching for housing options in San Francisco, and if you are looking for a new place to live as well then you should definitely bookmark this page.


Moving anytime soon? Homefair has moving tools, financial calculators, and home/apartment search links. I wish I knew about this web page before wasting hours and hours searching Google.


A free wiki world map that has created a clear navigation tool


Track your USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL/Airborne packages on just one simple site.

Flight Booking and Travel Planners


Need to find the cheapest flight to your destination? Use this browser, it’s one of the most helpful (and adorable) out there.


Find the seat map for your next flight and make sure to pick the best seat choices before you depart.


Travel planning & advice that ensure you plan your future trips smarter than ever before.

Shopping and Services


Start saving on your shopping sprees.

Deal Chicken

Another Groupon sort of web service.


Want to sell or request a service locally, for a decent price? There’s a site for that, and it’s Zaarly.

Lady Loves


For a 10 dollar subscription (and an invitation – apply today!), you can join the BirchBox club and view the best beauty and hair products nation wide. You also get a monthly gift box that contains a set of specified sample goodies! I am a member of this site and receiving these monthly gifts always brighten my day.

The Hairpin

A fun blog for women that offers book reviews, advice, health and beauty tips.


Drinking with some people, but don’t know what tunes to play? Make sure your songs set the right mood with this useful search engine!


Online Food Ordering, Recipes and Reservations


Get the food you want, when & where you are now. Order online for delivery and/or pickup services.


Free and fast online ordering from local restaurants.


Make a free restaurant reservation almost anywhere, no matter where you are going.

Copy Kat

Recipe box for all of the dining out foods you know and love.

Smitten Kitchen

Another great resource for recipes of all sorts


The best place to get the right restaurant reviews and ratings (aside from Yelp, of course).



Quote It

I am a huge fan of quotes, but sometimes I don’t know exactly where to find the best. Here is a fun and organized site to find quotes about “anything and everything.”

Design Seeds

I love this page! Color schemes are so important to me, especially because the right colors can make or break a blog, online shop or even a bedroom. Make sure you use the right colors, no matter what you are creating or just filling in.


This is a fun way to learn about different car types and models. I need to use this for myself because I just don’t know anything about cars – and sometimes that can get awkward.