With school coming up, it’s only natural that you don’t feel like doing stuff. If you did feel like doing it, you already would have. So with that said, here are seven of the things you said you’d get to this summer, didn’t, and really should, even during the school year. For example:


1: Watch Breaking Bad

It doesn’t have to be Breaking Bad (although it should be.) It could also be The Wire or any other show you swore you’d get into after your friends all insisted you start it. Maybe you saw an episode of Mad Men once, liked it, but didn’t think to check more because you didn’t have the time. Well, rest assured: even with the added work of school, you have the time. Why? Because you make the time. If you start Breaking Bad, I promise you you’ll have the time to watch it. You might no longer have the time to do homework, but if you’ve been postponing trying a new classic series, postpone no longer.


2: Get In Shape

We all said we would this summer. We had the warm weather to motivate us until it got too warm, then we were away from the school’s gym and, well…you get the picture. There’s no time like the present though, and if you thought that summer would be more motivating than the school year, think again: that cute girl in your math class is more of a motivator than endless free time. So get back to it and stay past the end of September, when everyone drops their resolve.


3: Replace Your Stuff

If you’ve been using the same backpack for years, consider: is it loyalty or laziness? For me, it was laziness, and when it started to fall apart and smell, I kept with it. Then I finally got a new backpack. I wish I did it sooner. It’s tough to get around to replacing stuff, but it’s something you should get around to finally. Put it on your to-do to upgrade stuff: you’ll be glad you did.


4: Call Home

You’ve been meaning to call home, but things keep getting in the way, right? Like the internet? Well, get around to calling home. Twitter will still be there tomorrow, but Twitter didn’t raise you and feed you, unless it did, and if so, wow. So call home; it’s the sort of thing you keep putting off, but you should get around to it. And the sooner you do, the sooner you can try to borrow some cash, too. Not a bad deal, huh?


5: Figure Out Your Plans

Housing for next year; your classes, your major, whatever it is, get started on it soon. Get around to it. Because you’ll have to do it anyway, and if you’re a little late, maybe there’ll be a problem. I love procrastinating; really, I do. But when I almost missed out on my house Junior year, I enjoyed it a lot less. When I realized I was missing a credit I had to make up Senior year, it was less fun, too. Whatever your plans or problems are, take a look at them sooner rather than later.