Being hygienic while maintaining a busy schedule as a student, or even a 9-5 cubicle hero is an important issue we face off with on the daily. Nobody wants to smell the after effects of your late night gym workout, or last night’s booze seeping out of your pores.
This little tip comes in handy, and if you can condition yourself to get into the habit, you’ll earn your eco-friendly green star sticker in no time at all. Another perk with this is how you’re effectively reducing your water usage per shower by 40%-60%. This trick is known as the boat shower:

The Boat Shower

  • Turn your shower on.
  • Get yourself soaking wet from head to toe.
  • Turn off the water (you’ll get used to it, believe me.)
  • Apply your soap and shampoo, don’t miss any spots!
  • Quickly turn the water back on and rinse your entire body, and get the shampoo out of your hair.
  • Turn the water back off, and hop out of the shower into a nice dry towel.

Why is this called a boat shower you ask?

Simply because boats have a limited supply of fresh water within their holding tanks—which supply all water outlets on the boat. It’s one of the greatest, yet little-known ways to conserve water, even at home. Doing this also makes for quicker showers, so you’re up and ready for that first class of the day (and you might actually be on time.)

[Photo credit: stevendepolo on Flickr]