Hangovers are no fun, but as a college student, they’re pretty much inevitable. If you just can’t resist binging on Thirsty Thursday, despite your Friday morning class, here are five of the all-time best hangover foods to help you bounce back, or at least make it through the class.


There’s something about semi-greasy eggs that really breaks through the alcohol in your stomach, helping to cure your hangover and provide some much-needed protein. While scrambled and fried-over-medium might be your forte, most sources say that straight egg yolks, preferably raw, contain the hangover-defeating enzyme you need. Try poached eggs, or fried eggs over easy if you can’t stomach raw yolks. Many hair-of-the-dog cocktails include a raw egg or egg yolk for this very reason.

Fried Potatoes—Home Fries, Hash Browns

Following the breakfast wagon here, any kind of fried potato is sure to help you feel better, and might even clear out your intestines in the process. Potatoes are a starchy source of carbohydrates, so they can help absorb some alcohol and reduce that shaky, jittery feeling. The addition of grease is an excellent idea, as it coats and soothes the stomach as your body works to process the booze. After wasting thousands of calories on vodka and beer, you may think you should eat a yogurt parfait or a fruit salad for breakfast, but now is not the time to worry about your calories. If you really want to battle that hangover, go grab a big ol’ bag of greasy French fries, sit down, and devour.


In addition to losing lots of fluids when you drink, you lose a lot of potassium as well, leaving your muscles feeling week and dehydrated. The easiest way to replenish that is with high-potassium fruits, like bananas. You also lose a lot of glucose, despite the sugary drinks you may have had, so the sugar in bananas can help with this as well. Some people try to outsmart their hangover and eat a few before they start drinking, but chomping on bananas the morning after should do the trick.

Chocolate Milk

This one sounds strange, but for most people it just seems to work. The combination of fat and protein should help to coat the stomach and absorb the alcohol, while the addition of simple sugars can replenish your glucose levels and even perk up your spirits. And even putting science aside, childhood comforts such as chocolate milk can cure just about any hangover.

Pickles, Pickle Juice, And Other Pickled Items

College and professional athletes are often told to drink pickle juice to prevent cramped muscles, and it is proven to work much better than traditional sports drinks. Pickle juice is simply water, vinegar, salt, and calcium chloride, which is essentially highly absorbent sodium. Pickle juice has somewhere between 15 and 30 times more electrolytes than popular sports drinks, such as Powerade and Gatorade, and a lot less headache-causing sugars. If you’re not big on pickle juice, try picked food items such as sauerkraut and pickled ginger.

[Photo credit: @sheerling]