For those living in the dorms this year, the dorm hall is a perfect place to pull some pranks on your newly acquired friends. However, while pranks are for the most part all fun and games, they may in turn make the “funny” prankster into an enemy if they are done wrong. So, before you start being the dorm hall prankster, here is some general advice.  First of all, be harmless. People love laughing, but people do not love getting hurt, and people do not love spending two hours cleaning shaving cream out of the pockets of all their pants. Second of all, do not try too hard. If you spend three hours doing a prank that people laugh at for six seconds, is it even worth it? Third of all, prank people who can handle it. You do not want to ruin anybody’s day, so stick with pulling pranks on people who you know can laugh it off. Lastly, know that as a prankster you are going  to get pranked back.

Put socks on unsuspecting friends’ door knobs

I don’t know if people actually do the sock on the door knob thing or if it is just a rumor, but a good prank is to put socks on people’s door knobs when you know nothing is actually going on. You are going to want to do this when you know one of the roommates is gone, so that way when they come back they will be confused, left outside, and will hopefully have an awkward conversation with their roommate later on.

Hide Snap-it fireworks in places where they will pop

Snap-it fireworks (or pops) are those small white things you throw at the ground on Independence Day that make a pop noise and a small spark .  A prank that you can do with snap-its, is hide them around the dorms in places that will go off when people least expect it. For example you can put one under the leg of a chair so it will pop when someone sits down, you could also place one under a door mat, in people’s shoes, etc.  Here is a small photo album with some more examples of places to hide snap-its. You can buy a pack of snap-its for around a dollar at stores like Target or Walmart.

Cause balloons to pop when someone opens their door

This prank is simple and clever. The idea of the prank is to have a balloon pop when someone opens their door, which should then scare them. To do this, you first need to tape a balloon to the wall outside of the targets room next to their door. Then, you have to make a contraption so that when the door is pulled open it will pop the balloon.  A folded piece of cardboard and a thumb tack should do the trick. The end result should look something similar to this, and you will be ready to scare your friends.

Lock people inside of their rooms

This does not seem very funny when you read the title, however,  this is pulled off quite well in this popular YouTube video. The pranksters in the video tie a rope on the door knobs of two rooms that face each other. They then knocked on both doors and watched the people inside struggle to pull their door open. Laughter ensues.

Put an air horn behind a door

This prank is simple and effective. See header image.


Do you know of any other simple and harmless pranks like these? Let us know in the comments!