Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink, right? That’s how most of us feel when we look into our closets for the perfect outfit for the day.

We see a whole lot of clothes, but nothing to wear, nothing that fits, or nothing without holes. Well, luckily for you, there are excellent ways to salvage and repurpose our old clothes so we can reuse our too-old-to-save clothes, keep our favorite jeans, and update our wardrobes at the same time.

T-Shirt Tutorials

There are hundreds of ways to repurpose standard t-shirts into stylish attire. A great resource for this is Pinterest, where users post a variety of ways to change their T-shirts. You can take shirts that are just a little off, cut and tie them in creative ways, and you’ve got yourself a perfect fitted tee. There are also great tutorials for turning your boyfriend’s shirt into a dress, and decorating your current T-shirts with a little more flare.

Fix That Bra!

The ladies out there will really appreciate this one. We may get attached to our clothes, but if there’s one item we wish would last forever, it’s the bra. There is nothing worse than leaning forward in class to read the board and being stabbed in the chest with your bra’s protruding underwire. To fix this issue, head over to your local pharmacy, and buy a little piece of moleskin. You can shove the underwire as far back into the bra as it will go, then adhere the moleskin to the fabric, covering the hole. Smooth it out with your fingers and Voila! If you wear it a few times before you wash it, the adhesive should stick really well, so it will stay put in the washing machine!

Halloween Costumes

That too-short skirt may not be appropriate for class anymore, but there’s no such thing as inappropriate on Halloween. You can cut, tie, safety pin, sew, glue, and tape your old clothes to make a one-off costume for any Halloween or themed party. Look for ways to turn your T-shirts inside out to hide graphics, and costumes that can benefit from high-water pants or a belly shirt.

Tote Bags

Take those old tank tops and turn them into reusable shopping bags, beach bags, and plain tote bags. Simply turn the tank top inside out, sew the bottom shut, about an inch above the hem, and then turn your “shirt” right side out to reveal a tote bag. Additionally, one of the newest trends started when nonprofits and charitable foundations worked to salvage and repurpose old denim jeans. They would make the jeans into tote bags, and then sell them as part of a fundraising effort. You can easily do it yourself if you’ve got sewing skills and a creative eye.

Pillow Cases

Remember that free shirt you got for going to the homecoming football game at your school? Well, those made-for-men tees aren’t always the most flattering. If you don’t need another T-shirt, make it into a pillowcase! Cut off the sleeves, sew up the neckline and you’ve got a personalized pillowcase with a lot of school spirit.

Make Rags

T-shirts, sweatpants, towels, and sheets all make for great rags once they’ve reached the end of their first life. Plain t-shirts are especially useful for polishing, dusting, and washing windows, while other materials are great for cleaning your car, scrubbing stains out of the carpet, and even for drying dishes. If you’ve got an old towel with holes, simply cut it into fours and you’ll never have to buy hand towels or dishtowels again.