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When it comes to working out and getting fit, there are so many applications out there that you can use to aid you in your time at the gym. I want to talk about a few of them that will help you track, record, monitor, and advance yourself to the next level.


Free (iPhone)

This is probably my favorite application that I use for my workouts. With it, you have so many options right at your fingertips. Here’s a list of what the best features are:
Log all of your workouts and allow the world to see what you’re doing to get fit. This helps you keep track of everything that you do so that you won’t have to remember it or waste paper in the process.
Get points for all of your workouts. The more that you do, the more points you’ll receive. This gives you an incentive to push yourself to the next level over a long-term period of time. See how many points you can get in a week or month and then try to beat it the next time. Accomplish quests that will push you to do more. Beat challenges that you set for yourself or that others set for you and show everyone whose boss. See how your performance is comparing from day-to-day to a weekly basis. This way, you can tweak your workouts to get the most out of each visit to the gym.


Free (iPhone | Android)

With this application, you’re able to “track, measure, and improve your fitness.” Every time you go for a run, you can track how long it took you, how far you went, and what kind of equipment you’ve used in the process. You can manually input your information or you can use your GPS to track how far you’ve gone.

You can also log things other than your runs, such as cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and rowing among other things. The possibilities are endless with your record keeping! Plus, you can compare one workout with another and see how you’re improving (or not) along the way. Did I mention that is syncs with Fitocracy too? That way you can log your workouts once and you’re done.

Nike Training Club

Free for a limited time, otherwise $0.99 (iPhone)

This is your very own personal training app, for any time that you want and anywhere you want. You can choose to get lean by doing cardio drills, to get toned by using lighter weights and intervals, to get strong with increased weights and reps, or you can focus on specific areas of your body to improve. Complete with drills for all of your workout needs that last 30-45 minutes, you can use it to optimize every workout. Set your goals and fitness levels only so that you can surpass them. Plus, you can do some of the same workouts that celebrities, professional athletes, or actual personal trainers so you’re feeling fit and in shape.


Free (iPhone | Android)

With this app, you’re getting everything jam-packed into one service. You can see how to do strength, cardio, stretching, and plyometric exercises correctly, with great form. Track your progress and do focused exercises that will maximize your workouts so that you get everything that you need.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions on top exercises and routines. Plus, you can upload a beginning picture and an end picture for your goals to see how your body has improved over time, complete with access to add descriptions to the photos and the ability to have photo albums for each part of your body that you’re improving. Detailed? Check. Focused? Check. In shape? You will be after a while of using this app!


Free (iPhone)

This app claims to be the “simplest and most powerful workout tracker” that will help you build strength and muscle without added supplements. And you’ll only have to workout 3 times a week. Crazy, right? But they’re right. It’s the most simple app that I’ve used for building muscle. No fuss, no added work, just do the workouts that it tells you to do and track when you’re done.
It’s a 5×5 tracker that will guarantee that you add strength each week. You won’t need to carry a pad of paper and pen with you. Plus, it’ll automatically tell you what 5×5 workout you’ll be doing, as well as how much weight and how you’ve been improving over time. What more could you ask for?

It’s best to find out what works best for you. So try these out and let me know in the comments how you like them, or if you have any to add! Lead your own life and become fit in no time!

[Photo credit: lululemonathletica on Flickr]