Switching back to fall from the summer can be a huge drag. People are just starting to forget to ask how the summer was, and days of the beach are now, at least for my Northeast compatriots, decidedly a memory. I had to wear a sweatshirt to class yesterday: a sweatshirt to class. In the summer I needed neither. But there are some advantages of the fall, too. It’s something we have to be optimistic about though because we’re here. Here are a few of the perks of fall we’ve all seem to have forgotten.

1. Not Sweating

Before we glorify the summer as a stream of 82 degree days, let’s be real: if you ever had to jog to catch a bus in the summer, or had to dress for an internship, or went to a poorly ventilated party you’ll know you sweat. Somewhere between some and a lot, and none is how much sweat you want when talking to that cute girl from Greece. Besides that, you can even wear what you want; from sweatshirts to t-shirts without being either too hot or too cold. The fall is the middle range of weather, and it’s time we celebrated the middle sibling of seasons with the respect it deserves, and remember there were problems with summer. Like sweat.

2. Intro to Cold, 101


Why do we not like the Winter in the Northeast? Cool weather has things to enjoy, after all. It’s because fall stole it’s thunder. All the excitement over first getting cozy under blankets and flannels, all the joy had by warmed apple cider and staying in on a cold windy night gets done in the fall. So first, you get to enjoy all the perks of cool weather while their still exotic in your mind and second, Fall prepares you for the Winter. Awfully nice of the season, if I say so myself.

3. College

College is best in the Fall. That’s somewhere between my personal opinion and well documented fact. Fall is before all the Seniors splinter off, it’s when all the little Freshmen have their best times (and don’t know where to go to bother you) and it’s where the Sophmores and Juniors have great times without yet getting late enough in their college careers to panic. Plus, look at any college pamphlet in the Northeast; it’s taken in the Fall. The leaves are falling, everything’s warm enough to walk to, and there are tons of familiar and new faces around after a season away. It’s like a buffet of adventures.

4. Holidays

The summer was great, but fall can’t be beat in terms of holidays. There’s Thanksgiving and Halloween, sure, but what about the college holidays? Homecoming, first weekend back, and of course all the three-day-weekend holidays that turn into college adventures that go around and turn into bonafide holidays, such as the entire weekend around Halloween. And all the best once-a-year parties thrown by your favorite frat; those are holidays, sort of, right? And what about $5 pitcher night? Holiday. Back at college, everything can be a holiday. That, plus the actual holidays, makes it a pretty good season.