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Your parents may tell you to stop gaming and get back to your studies, but I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to pick up a game every once in a while. Especially these three great indie titles for Mac. Each of these games are easy to pick up and are a great way to have a fun break and keep your brain nice and stimulated at the same time, making the transition back to work nice and smooth. But that’s only if you don’t find yourself completely addicted to Super Meat Boy. If you do, you have my deepest sympathies.

Bit.Trip Runner

Bit.Trip Runner is an on-rails platformer in which you control a pixelated black character named Commander Video. Your goal in the game is simple: keep Commander Video running. You do this by avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies that may stop Commander Video, which will force you back to the beginning of any particular level.

In order to avoid these obstacles, you must slide, jump, or kick your way to the end of a level. And with over 50 levels in all, there’s enough content to keep you coming back. Whether that be to beat a hard stage or to attempt to break a previous high score, Bit.Trip Runner is a great little game to enjoy in your spare time.


Considered to be the spark that set the indie game world ablaze, Braid truly is a marvel and in many opinions, the ultimate indie game. Developed nearly single-handedly by Jonathon Blow, the game took over three years to complete, launching in August of 2008 on Xbox Live Arcade. The game’s plot is simple, yet complex. You control Tim, a little man in a suit jacket, who’s in search of a kidnapped princess. Your goal is to navigate Tim through worlds, solving puzzles that slowly help bring the story of Tim and the princess together.

Its uniqueness from other puzzle platform games is the time-bending aspect. At any moment in the game, you’re given the option to reverse time and there’s no limit on this feature. On top of that, the time mechanic is used for more than just avoiding death, it’s built around progressing the game, allowing you access to places not available to you in the space of normal time.

To keep this short and sweet, it’s a beautiful game and although it’s quite short, it does leaves you with a nice feeling and perhaps a few deep thoughts.

Super Meat Boy

To call this game frustrating would be an understatement. Super Meat Boy is a rage-inducing, yet extremely satisfying, retro throwback to the hardcore platformer of the 80s and 90s. The game puts you in control of a little red, skinless boy named, I’m sure you’ll love this, Meat Boy. The gameplay takes you through levels where you avoid avoiding falls, saw blades, and many other types of traps and obstacles. Your goal each level is to find your girlfriend, Bandage Girl. Once you’ve found her, you’ve beaten the level.

However, much like the original Donkey Kong, a villain appears, and snatches her away and you’re taken to a new level where you’re forced to do it all over again. The game will constantly throw tougher and tougher levels your way, and with 300 levels in all, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll break down and cry at some point. All in all, Super Meat Boy is an extremely fun game to pass the time between classes or as nice escape from school work.