Growing up, kids have always heard that in order for someone to become successful they have to go to college and earn their degree, and for the most part they believe that.

Most of the people who will be reading this post are college students, and most of them are probably planning on earning a degree at the college they attend, and most of them probably plan on becoming more successful because of that degree.

The other well known belief that kids always hear is that it is bad to quit, give up or “drop out” of things once they have started.  While that too is probably good advice, there are always exceptions. By going to college, students are hoping that their college degree will make up for the thousands of dollars it will cost to receive, and the money they could have been making if they had not been in college for the last four years.

However, when an opportunity arises where one could start a successful career or business without having to finish college, they may take that risk if they feel they will be better off than waiting out for a degree. This risk seems to be taken more often in recent years, and for some it has been paying off.

An example of a company that has grown successful despite being started by a college dropout is Claco.  Claco is a six member team consisting of only two college graduates, along with two college dropouts and two members who never even went to college to begin with. The company is a startup whose primary objective is to “collaborate with the world’s greatest educators.”  They accomplish this by becoming one easy place for teachers to store all of their class materials, and a place for teachers to find accredited lesson plans as well as other educational content.

Aside from Claco being a cool company with a great purpose, it gives college students an opportunity to rethink why they are earning a degree. While everyone views dropping out a terrible thing, that is not always the case. In certain circumstances the costs of finishing out school can become more costly than entering the job force without a degree.

Of course, Claco is not the only example of dropouts finding success. There are more than a few times where dropping out of college early has proven to be a smart decision. Just think of Bill Gates, Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerburg. Even though, those are the popular examples there are actually quite a few billionaires who stopped attending college before ever acquiring a degree.

The important idea students should be aware of is that despite what they have always heard, in some circumstances dropping out of school can be beneficial; even though, college degrees can be very valuable and worth it in most cases.