When determining your career path, furthering your education by going to college, there are many different options to choose from.

Today we are living in the digital age and it’s all about technology, social media, and the Internet all around. It’s only natural for the human mind to look at a website, purchase a product, or work for a company who displays their specialties in a visually appealing way. So, if you’re interested in the graphic displayed on a website or advertisement, graphic design classes might just be right up your alley.

There are many things to consider before moving to pursue your career in graphic design, as well as what you need to do to succeeded in the graphic design field. One of the first things to consider before moving to a location that will serve your designing needs is your job title and what position you’ll be hired for. The location is also a big factor and whether you will be working in a city or a town. Obviously it will take some education to learn the graphic design skill and before moving, consider whether you have better prospects with better education, as well as experience. Out of all the graphic designers, 26.3% of them are self-employed. So, another aspect to consider is where you’re going to work, whether it’s going to be for yourself, a small business or a large firm.

If moving for your graphic design career is in the cards for you, it’s best to choose where you’ll be making the most profit. The average salary in Bridgeport, Connecticut is $78,353, making it the top paying city for graphic designers. Then following, you have Salt Lake City, Utah with an average salary of $55,064. A few other top paying cities for graphic design include Newark, New Jersey, San Antonio and Austin, Texas with average salaries between $40,000 to $54,827.

Now, more than ever, we face complex problems that designers are uniquely capable to solve by integrating technology, business, and human behaviors. So, how about a few web design tips for startups? Have a responsive web design, a proper website display and interaction on any device is now standard. Bring on a designer co-founder to avoid “painting lipstick on a pig” but including a designer from the get-go. Be sure to stand out, a good design transcends culture and language barriers. Lastly, the goal is a pleasurable overall experience, so be sure to make your design functional, beautiful, and simple.

Graphic design is a great and booming career field currently, however, if you’re looking to further your education, there are other designer positions available. Graphic designers average about $48,000 a year and above a graphic designer, you have an interactive designer who is making on average $64,000 a year. Following the interactive designer, you have the UX designer annually making $87,000 and then the information architect making $99,000. So, get started on your graphic design career with graphic design classes today.

[Image credit: InvisionApp.com]