It’s hard choosing between your social life and your education, but they aren’t always mutually exclusive.

With the right attitude, there are plenty of ways for you to combine work and play during your college tenure, and we’ve got the best methods right here. You may think college is all lectures and libraries or people and parties, but it doesn’t have to be. Check it out!

Theater Appreciation

Most colleges have at least one general class that requires students to go see plays, ballets, and other shows for participation and homework credits. This is the perfect way to get 3 credits and an A, all while enjoying time with friends. Whether you sign up for the class with your roommate, or take a date to the play, it’s the perfect way to combine a little social action and college credit.

Take Fun Classes

When you want to increase your credits per semester, but you don’t want to add a heavy workload or harm your GPA, sign up for the fun classes, not just the easy ones. We’re talking Cooking, Wine Tasting, Basic Photography, Learning an Instrument, and Physical Education. It will be a nice break from your regular classes, an easy way to pad your GPA and get credits, and hopefully won’t have too much homework. You can make dinner for your girlfriend as part of your Cooking homework, or take pictures over Spring Break for Photography class. Before you sign up, check out the course and teacher at, and then make sure you enlist a group of friends to sign up with you!

Study With Friends

It’s not always the best idea to study different topics with a bunch of friends, but if you can either make friends with your classmates, or sign up for classes with your friends, studying the same topic together is an excellent way to combine studying and pleasure. You can get your reading and homework done together, and help each other with hard topics. It’s also a great way to really understand the content of the course.

Make Foreign Friends

Want to learn Spanish? Head over to the Spanish club, or pair up with Spanish-speaking students from other classes for presentations. Then make friends with them, and you’re on your way to learning Spanish. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn just by hearing the pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar from a native speaker. Plus, they can always help you with your homework! You can always create your own field trips to your local “Little Mexico” or “Little Spain” and order your food en Espanol!

Fun Internships

Many schools allow students to choose their own or “make their own” internships. If this is the case at your school, simply scour fun local businesses that are somewhat within your field, and convince them to “hire” you for free. You can normally work just a few hours a week playing with puppies, running a cash register, or just learning some real skills, all while getting credit for your college. The best part is that you can get internship credit for doing a fun job, rather than getting credit by sitting in a lecture or fetching coffee for a mega-boss.

Language and Vocabulary Drinking Games

Learning Japanese? Make it a drinking game! It’s amazing how easily we pick up on the most complicated drinking games, but can’t seem to learn our Kanji. If that’s the case for you, just turn your vocab flash cards into playing cards. You can use flashcards with one side left blank, and traditional games, such as laying them out, blank side up, and pairing the meaning with the character, or the pronunciation with the character. With a handful of friends from class and two bottles of wine, you can spend your Tuesday evening learning 50 Kanji characters without ever entering the library. Just remember to level out at a buzz before getting drunk or you might just forget it all.

[Image credit: basheertome on Flickr]