Tired of studying, but there’s nothing to watch on Hulu or Netflix? (We know you don’t have cable. It’s cool; neither do we.)

Bored with the content on the standard web-streaming sites? Well, we’ve got you covered, and you won’t have to pay a dime. Believe it or not, YouTube has some pretty amazing shows available, and some of it isn’t even pirated! Here are a few of our favorite YouTube series to watch in between studying for this semester’s first round of tests:

My Drunk Kitchen

After watching an episode of My Drunk Kitchen, you will not only be kicking yourself for not thinking of the show first, but also for probably never getting the chance to hang out with its creator, Hannah Hart. Every week, Hannah gets incredibly drunk and attempts to prepare a meal. You can imagine how well that goes. While the results may not be particularly appetizing, they are always hilarious. (WARNING – profanity)

Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting

Milana Vayntrub and Stevie Nelson, improv actresses who make up the double-act Live Prude Girls, are the stars of Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting, an impressively awkward interview show in which they torture a roster of internet celebrities and fellow YouTubers in their apartment. Interviewees include Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show and Breaking Bad, Sandeep Parikh from The Guild and the above entry, Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen.

Very Mary-Kate

Elaine Carroll writes and stars in a surprisingly funny satire that, rather inexplicably, centers around her fictionalized version of Mary-Kate Olsen. Why? No idea. But with most episodes of Very Mary-Kate clocking in at around 2 minutes, it’s amazingly easy to be pulled into Carrol’s bizarre interpretation of the starlet as she attends college and attempts to socialize with others.

Agents of Cracked

Take every buddy movie ever made, combine it with Cracked.com’s generally incisive yet ridiculous take on pop culture, and you get Agents of Cracked. Staring two of the website’s most popular writers, Daniel O’Brien and Michael Swaim, Agents of Cracked chronicles the two’s misadventures around the Cracked offices while parodying classic sitcom tropes, including defusing a bomb during a live blogging event, are interviewed by the secret service, and meet their doppelgangers at Broke.com.

David Mitchell’s Soapbox

Unlike most of the YouTubers above, David Mitchell is actually fairly well known. Just not in America. Part of the British double-act Mitchell and Webb, which has brought us two of the UK’s most popular shows, Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, David Mitchell takes his truncheon wit to the internet in a series of rants on the modern world appropriately called David Mitchell’s Soapbox. Highlights include David’s anxiety around haircuts, the word LOL, giving gifts, eating in public and the acclaimed television show Downton Abbey (he’s not a fan).