Finding creativity that is inside of you can sometimes be a hard thing to do. But here at Hack College, our mantra is to work smarter, not harder. With that, we believe that harnessing your own creativity can be a smart move and it shouldn’t take a lot of work with these steps.

Brainstorming Sessions

One of the coolest things that you can do to create the spark that lights the fire under the creativity within you is to participate in brainstorming sessions, even if you’re the only person there. Doing this will get your creative juices flowing and it can be done on just about anything that you want it to be on.
For example, being a part of a student organization in college is a great thing because every year, you’re always looking for ways to do things better than they were done the year before. Because of this, some student leaders will implement a brainstorming session and will bring together all of the organization leaders to find better, more efficient ways to do things. Ask if you can take part in this, even if you’re not one of the organization’s leaders. It’ll be a great experience for you to take part in and you’ll know how to base your own session off of something.
Brainstorming is meant to come up with new ideas and find effective ways of making progress from the past. Which leads me to my next thing…

Think Tank Sessions

This is one of those unique opportunities that you can put your brainstorming to the test. It involves groups of people who all find a common issue within a product or event. The sole purpose of this kind of a session is to find a diverse group of people from different departments to come together and make solutions. Because of this, you get to find people who think differently than you do, hence calling it a ‘think tank’ session.

Once the diverse group of people is brought together, the next step is to find solutions and to always accept ideas. Things that seem completely out of the question will now become relevant and real. The group has to agree to not shoot ideas from others down because that’s a way to stop creativity in its tracks.

Then, the group will set out in finding a new way to solve the solution. Participating in a think tank session gives you a way to test your thoughts and ideas.

Ask a Ton of Questions

Asking questions will always give you a deeper reason to find an answer, and those answers will be deeper because of it. If you can sit down and think of something about yourself that you want to change but don’t know how to go about doing it, this is a great way to get started. The only thing that you have to do is find something that you think you can solve and just write down questions about it for 10 minutes. This will get you thinking about what kinds of things that you actually want to change and you’ll see the questions that you need to answer in order to achieve it.

Do Things You Haven’t Done Before

If there is something out there that you haven’t done before, go do them. Seriously, having more experiences is such a great way for you to learn in a creative way. This includes going out of your comfort zone in order to harness your creativity. Don’t just do the things that you know works but be smart about it. Find some things that you think will help you break out of the creativity collapse that you’ve been experiencing.

This will lead to more creativity at your fingertips.

What are some things that you do to harness your creativity?

[Image credit: juhansonin on Flickr]