Breakfast is allegedly the most important meal. Allegedly. It’s not something college kids see as a necessity though, and I’d argue today, breakfast is around the 4th or 5th most valued meal: somewhere between “late night drunk eating” and “big ol’ snacks while working.”

Breakfast has a lot of disadvantages working for it. First of all, it takes place in the morning, which is a well-known time for sleeping. College kids love sleeping. I love sleeping, and more importantly, that sleeping comes at the tail end. No one (okay, almost no one) goes to sleep early. Most of us would rather have the privilege of waking up late.

So here we are: the meal most poorly timed. If we’re lucky, it’s a granola bar before class. More often than not though we run to class still hungry, trying to wait it out and tie lunch and breakfast together into one epic “mostly-lunch-brunch” around 1:45.

But there are reasons to go with breakfast.

1. It’s Cheap

As far as meals go, breakfast is the way to go for your wallet. The primary ingredients to a successful breakfast- eggs and cereal- are crazy cheap. Do the math for how much an individual egg costs. If you’re paying more then thirty cents an egg, you’re doing something wrong. Similarly, cereal- even the good, name-brand classics with marshmallows and more- are dirt cheap compared to, say, a sandwich. Even orange-juice, the most costly breakfast beverage and constant classic, can be bought in bulk for a fair price. An omelete with cheese is almost as cheap as ramen with the added benefit of being tasty and actual food instead of a giant pile of salt.

2. Health

Bannans, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, orange-juice and eggs are all super healthy. Bacon is the only unhealthy one and that’s good for your soul. So in a way, all of these things help you out.

3. Ease

I can’t cook. For example, I learned fairly recently that you can’t just put your meat on the highest possible flame and expect everything to just come out quicker. But breakfast is a snap. It’s super quick to make compared to any other meal (I’m looking at you, dinner) and it’s really hard to screw up. I know; I screwed up often. But if you undercook bacon? Throw it back on. If you overcook bacon? Yum, crispy bacon. Same goes with eggs. It’s all so hard to screw up and so quick that you owe it to yourself. Take the seven minutes of rolling in bed and eight minutes of Youtube replace it with an honest-to-goodness meal.

Heck, just have a yogurt if you want. Maybe with a banana, if you’re fancy like that. How much easier than it gets? Take forty seconds, eat yogurt, and thats breakfast.

4. Taste

Bacon and scrambled-eggs with cheese in them is super-duper delicious. Eggs with barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Rays) is delicious. Think long and hard about breakfast; not even just the fancy ones, like the waffles and such, but bacon and eggs. Yogurt with some fruit in the yogurt. I bet you’re hungry. I bet you’re reminiscing. And I bet you skipped breakfast today. Don’t. Enjoy some breakfast.

5. When a Girl Sleeps Over And You Make Her Any Sort of Decent Breakfast, Let Alone French Toast, Buddy, You’ve Got it Made.