Find new things to do with Schemer and Alfred.

As school starts up, a lot of you have likely just arrived at a new town or city and have next to no idea on what to do off campus. Or, maybe you’re just really, really bored, and feel like maybe you should go outside for a change. While you could just wander aimlessly around town, you might still want something to do with your new dorm mate that’ll help ease the awkwardness. Schemer is a free app for iOS and Android that makes finding things to do a breeze by suggesting activities and even show you were to go to find them. Each scheme is a user submission, and are divided into subcategories like ideas for dates, recipe suggestions, cheap stores, outdoor activities and DIY projects. By using your phone’s GPS, Schemer will also tell you things that are nearby while you’re out exploring your new town. After you’ve begun adding schemes to your profile, Schemer will begin suggesting new ones based off of your preferred activities.

If you’re wanting a more personalized experienced, try Alfred, which is also available for free on both iPhones and Android. Where Schemer is good for coming up with new ideas out of the blue, Alfred is more about deciding which locations you’ll enjoy the most for you. According to its creators, it acts like “Pandora for real life” by suggesting new places and activities based off your favorite locations for meals, coffee, drinks, etc, and will then suggest similar places to better gauge your preferences and build your individualized profile. After you’ve answered each question, Alfred will tell you how well he seems to understand your personal tastes on a scale of 1-100%, and will then begin finding nearby places that he feels will suit you best.  After you’ve tried one of his suggestions, you can tell Alfred whether you liked or disliked the place in order to give him a better understanding of what you’re looking for. When you’re really wanting to try a new bar, cafe or restaurant, Alfred is a great way of having some assurance that you’ll likely enjoy it.