Avoid paying too much for class material with this handy website.

Your university bookstore is evil. It’s a well known fact that is learned by every incoming freshman in colleges and universities across the country every Fall; they will gouge you for every penny they can and smile while doing it. While new options for avoiding their exhorbitant prices on required course material are becoming more popular, such as buying used or using eBooks as we discussed in our comparison of the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, many professors require the newest versions of a textbook and eBooks still require the initial purchase of a tablet, which is decidedly not in the cards for a fair few. Even if you do buy a tablet, eBook rentals from your university bookstore tend to still be at a ridiculously high rate. Thankfully, a website called GetTextBooks.com is here to make your search for the lowest-priced textbooks a whole lot simpler, and infinitely cheaper.

Rather than simply relying on Amazon and hoping that you’re getting the best deal, GetTextBooks will scour the web’s numerous online retail sites for the best price available for your textbooks, displaying the normal list price on the top to show you just how much you could have paid had you simply bought from the bookstore. The search results will display options for rentals as well as for buying new and used, while also providing helpful information on the reliability of individual sellers. Feedback from merchants are displayed in percentages, and gold stars appear next to the most trusted and highest quality sites to help ensure that you’re never ripped off.

For example, a search for Introductory Algebra by Robert F. Blitzer showed an original list price of $158.00, while the aggregated search results showed that I could rent it for as low as $12.30 with free shipping and no tax from BookRenter.com, or purchase it used from Half.com for $15.71, saving you over $140 (both receive high marks from user feedback).

Obviously, with college only getting more expensive, this is one of the easiest ways to save hundreds of dollars every quarter with almost little to no effort made on your part. So when you’re getting ready to shell out upwards of $500 for books this Fall, leave your university bookstore behind and give GetTextBooks.com a shot.